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Incubators are devices that maintain a temperature and other conditions to grow cell cultures or microbiological cultures. As such, they are extensively used in microbiology and molecular biology and biochemistry labs. Many incubators also control humidity and are incorporated with a gentle shaking function to homogenise samples during culturing. The size depends on the application, required volumes, and desired numb (more)er of samples that needs to fit simultaneously. Some incubators are so small that they easily fit on a laboratory bench, while others are huge and can hold an enormous number of flasks or vials.

LAUDA VS 45 OI shaking incubator-cover
LAUDA VS 45 OI shaking incubator

Varioshake shaking incubators for reliable mixing, shaking and temperature control -Up to 70°C -Orbi (more)tal movement -Stability ± 0.2°C -Three display control panel with separate controls for mixing, stirring and temperature Applications: homogenization, incubation, fermentation or chemical and biochemical reactions. These LAUDA tools are renowned for being extremely reliable and suitable for heavy use. Specialized in gentle mixing and vigorous shaking, these shaking incubators are used for applications that require repeatable orbital movements and temperatures up to +70°C with excellent stability. They are preferred by standard or research laboratories for incubation, fermentation, homogenization, chemical and biochemical reactions, enzyme and tissue studies, as well as for the cultivation of bacterial cultures. The control panel features soft-touch keys with clear symbols. It will therefore be very easy to set the temperature, the stirring frequency or the incubation time quickly and precisely, rest assured that the technology of these instruments will exactly reproduce the set values. The temperature -Temperature regulation is controlled by a microprocessor, PID type with RS232 interface. -The temperature distribution is optimal throughout the interior of the cabinet. -Temperature setting and display: digital, LED, in 0.1°C increments. -Temperature range: from 8°C above ambient temperature to +70°C. -Temperature range (with cooling coil; not included): 20 to 70°C, depending on the cooling medium used and the ambient temperature. -Electronic monitoring of the temperature controllers activates visual and acoustic alarms in the event of a fault. In these cases the heating switches off automatically and the cause of the anomaly is shown on the display. Agitation and Incubation -Quiet and robust stirring mechanism with gentle start and smooth, load-independent orbital motion -The orbital motion can be turned on and off -Shaking frequency and incubation time can be set thanks to the microprocessor. -The timer continuously displays the remaining incubation time and acoustically signals its expiration. Specific features of the VS 45 OI model This model, with a liftable acrylic glass cover, consists of an external housing made of electrolytically galvanized and powder-coated sheet steel. The vibrating platform, made of aluminum, has 4 plastic pins to accommodate a vibrating tray or a universal support. -Temperature stability ± 0.2°C -Shaking frequency: 20 to max. 250 min-1 -Stirring width: 30 mm -Usable volume 45 L -Shaking frequency min. 20 min-1 -Shaking frequency max. 250 min-1 -Amplitude of shaking 25 mm -Load capacity max. 12 kg -Timer from 1 minute to 999 -Vibrating platform width 450 mm -Vibrating platform depth 300 mm -Capacity approx. 45 L / 2 stirring trays

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ISICMBCDG orbital shaker with incubator and cooling Ohaus-cover
ISICMBCDG orbital shaker with incubator and cooling Ohaus

Orbital shaker with Ohaus incubator and cooling The innovative OHAUS incubating cooling shakers are  (more)designed to have a wide temperature range from 10°C below ambient up to 65°C to ensure accurate and repeatable results. All models feature independent displays with intuitive controls and include safety features to protect both the operator and the sample. These rugged laboratory instruments have triple eccentric drive systems for stable orbital motion and are equipped with integrated chip control for reliable shaking. - Prepared for the use of microplates, without the need for accessories, and can easily accommodate modular blocks thanks to the block adapter supplied. - User-controlled temperature calibration function for sensitive applications. Digital control for an adjustable and repeatable shaking speed. - The innovative design with Peltier system, for direct contact between plate and sample, ensures rapid and uniform heating and cooling precision. Applications Immunological analyzes, hybridizations, cell cultures, suspensions and bacterial and yeast cultures, ELISA tests, PCR, enzymatic reactions Display Independent LED displays with temperature, speed and time information are easy to read and allow the operator to view all settings simultaneously Operation Detachable three-wire cable and plug (included) Structure Die-cast aluminum structure with polycarbonate cover and brushless DC motor Construction features Splash resistant construction, overload protection and hot warning indicator Technical Specifications - ISICMBCDG - Calibration: temperature calibration - Transmission System: Brushless DC Motor; triple Eccentric - Safety Certification: CE; TUV - Speed ​​Accuracy: ±2% - Speed ​​range: 100 to 1,200 rpm - Timer: 1 second to 160 hours - Tray structure: aluminum

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Thermal shaker ISTHBLHTS with incubator Ohaus-cover
Thermal shaker ISTHBLHTS with incubator Ohaus

Thermal shaker with Ohaus incubator OHAUS thermal agitators are designed for applications that requi (more)re constant and precise high-speed shaking, with heating or cooling. The temperature control allows to reach 17°C below the ambient temperature (for the model with cooling) up to 100°C. In case of high accuracy, the temperature can be calibrated by the user. Thanks to interchangeable blocks it is possible to customize the instrument for different applications, housing test tubes or microplates. The intuitive touchscreen allows the operator to view all program steps and monitor the entire process with a simple glance. - Best-in-class thermal performance thanks to advanced electronics and software. Up to 17°C below ambient temperature. - The intuitive touchscreen simplifies use and programming, with complete functions and help screens in six different languages, to assist the operator while using the unit - Easy creation of programs for repetitive applications. Memory for five different five-step programs. The USB port allows you to transfer test data to a flash drive for data collection and program storage Applications DNA, RNA, cell cultures, hybridizations, protein studies Display 4.3-inch (10.9 cm) color liquid crystal touchscreen (LCD) display, programmable in six languages Operation Detachable three-wire cable and plug (included). The unit requires a lock. Compatible with Eppendorf Thermomixer® R blocks Communication The USB port guarantees great flexibility in data collection and transfer Structure Cold-touch Valox construction, removable plastic rack, cover and screwdriver for block removal (included) Construction features Hot Cover Indicator, Audible Alarm, Maximum Temperature Limitation Function, Temperature Priority Function, Pulse / Fast Mix Mode, Temperature Calibration Mode, Temperature Rise Rate Function Technical Characteristics Specifications of the ISTHBLHTS model - Orbital movement, 3mm - Temperature calibration - USB - Brushless DC Motor Transmission - Heating rate (/min): 5°C/min - Safety Certification: CE; TUV - Speed ​​Accuracy: ±2% - Temperature accuracy (±): +/- 0.5°C between 20°C and 45°C; +/-2°C between 20°C and 45°C - Timer: from 1 second to 99 hours and 59 minutes

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