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Illuminated Incubator FOC 200IL Velp

Illuminated Incubator FOC 200IL Velp

Illuminated Incubator FOC 200IL Velp

Description by the supplier

Velp refrigerator-thermostat of 169L net that guarantees excellent connectivity and high performance in temperature control. Auto-Tuning thermoregulation system and transparent internal door that allows visual inspection of the contents with LED shelves for crops and fermentation studies and small growth chamber.

- Adjustable temperature: from 3°C to 50°C; stability +/- 0.5°C

- 169 liter capacity

- Equipped with premium Wi-Fi connectivity to VELP Ermes Cloud Platform

- Wireless management via TEMPSoft ™ software (optional)

- Accepts up to 4 VELP breathing systems

Follow the link for more information: https://jointlab.com/gb/refrigerated-thermostat-and-incubator/324-illuminated-incubator-foc-200il-velp.html

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LABORATORY INCUBATORS CLN SMART POL-EKO CLN - NATURAL AIR CONVECTION CLN Series incubators maintain  (more)a constant temperature from 5°C above room temperature to a maximum of 100°C. Large touch display, programming, alarms, lock, stainless steel interior are just a small part of what you will find below! Continue reading, you will be surprised! ABSOLUTE CONTROL The SMART control panel is among the most complete you can find on the market. Large symbols and temperature values ​​guarantee comfortable and clear reading, combined with disarming ease of use. The latest generation touch screen responds to commands even if touched with latex gloves and is equipped with a large display: all values ​​are perfectly readable from any angle, regardless of the intensity of the light. DO YOU KNOW THE ADVANTAGES OF AN ADVANCED CONTROLLER LIKE THE SMART PANEL? - Sharp 4.3' color touch screen - Quick and easy data transfer: via LAN or USB - Fast, multi-segment, time and temperature programming - Visual and audible alarms with colored bar on display - Internal memory for programs and data storage - User manual downloadable directly from the controller - Loop function up to 255 times or infinite - Controls can be managed even when wearing latex gloves - Recording of the minimum, average and maximum temperature value for each segment - Overview of the set and current parameters during operation - Operation in temperature or time priority mode - ... and much more QUALITY FIRST Resistant. Durable. POL-EKO incubators are designed and built to guarantee the best performance. They are a smart purchase, for customers who want to invest in the future of their laboratory. By choosing these products you will have precise results for years and years, repeatable and in complete comfort. The CLN SMART series incubators are built with the best materials and equipped with the most important accessories, to give you a complete and ready-to-use standard product. - Double door: solid external; glass interior - Powder coated sheet metal structure (graphite front panel) - Interior in acid-resistant stainless steel according to DIN 1.4301 - Insulated door with lock - Protection class 2.0 - Protection class 3.1 (DIN 12880) as option → - Stainless steel shelves - USB port for downloading recording data, events, manuals, service - LAN port - Open door alarm - Access port for external sensor - Rear air-flap - Quality control protocol (at +37°C) CLN SMART SERIES The six models of the CLN series cover most of your needs: from mini stoves to the 245 liter internal volume model. For larger volumes, look at the SLW series stoves. DETAILS AND ACCESSORIES Every detail of your POL-EKO models is designed to make routine work as simple and comfortable as possible. Below, the front and rear view. 1 - Rating plate 2 - Access port ø30mm for external sensor 3 - Internal glass door (for CL models) 4 - Adjustable feet 5 - Shelf 6 - External solid door 7 - Temperature sensors 8 - Open door sensor 9 - Touch control panel 10 - USB port 11 - Handle with key lock 1 - Main switch 2 - Connector for connecting a hose with nitrogen (only for SLWN models) 3 - Air-flap 4 - LAN port 5 - Fuse 6 - Main power socket C20 OPTIONS POL-EKO allows you to increase the possibilities of your incubator with quality accessories; to better adapt to particular applications or to equip the instrument with safety systems and advanced connections. - Stainless steel shelf - Perforated shelf - Stainless steel basins - LabDesk software - IQ OQ PQ calibration and qualification - Overtemperature protection class 3.1 according to DIN 12880 - Backup battery for the display in case of power failure - Clean contact - LAN cable - Non-standard 20mm access door - Additional 30 mm access door

€1,035.00 ex VAT
€1,231.65 incl. VAT if applicable
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Varioshake shaking incubator These LAUDA tools are renowned for being extremely reliable and suitabl (more)e for heavy use. Specialized in gentle mixing and vigorous shaking, these shaking incubators are used for applications that require repeatable orbital movements and temperatures up to +70°C with excellent stability. They are preferred by standard or research laboratories for incubation, fermentation, homogenization, chemical and biochemical reactions, enzyme and tissue studies, as well as for the cultivation of bacterial cultures. Applications: homogenization, incubation, fermentation or chemical and biochemical reactions. The control panel features soft-touch keys with clear symbols. It will therefore be very easy to set the temperature, the stirring frequency or the incubation time quickly and precisely, rest assured that the technology of these instruments will exactly reproduce the set values. The temperature - Temperature regulation is controlled by a microprocessor, PID type with RS232 interface. - The temperature distribution is optimal throughout the interior of the cabinet. - Temperature setting and display: digital, LED, in 0.1°C increments. - Temperature range: from 8°C above ambient temperature to +70°C. - Temperature range (with cooling coil; not included): 20 to 70°C, depending on the cooling medium used and the ambient temperature. - Electronic monitoring of the temperature controllers activates visual and acoustic alarms in the event of a fault. In these cases the heating switches off automatically and the cause of the anomaly is shown on the display. Agitation and Incubation - Quiet and robust stirring mechanism with gentle start and smooth, load-independent orbital motion - The orbital motion can be turned on and off - Shaking frequency and incubation time can be set thanks to the microprocessor. - The timer continuously displays the remaining incubation time and acoustically signals its expiration. Specific features of the VS 45 OI model This model, with a liftable acrylic glass cover, consists of an external housing made of electrolytically galvanized and powder-coated sheet steel. The vibrating platform, made of aluminum, has 4 plastic pins to accommodate a vibrating tray or a universal support. - Capacity of 2 agitator trays; for containers over 150 mm only 1 tray can be used - Temperature stability ± 0.2°C - Shaking frequency: 20 to max. 250 min-1 - Stirring width: 30 mm - Usable volume 45 L - Shaking frequency min. 20 min-1 - Shaking frequency max. 250 min-1 - Amplitude of shaking 25 mm - Load capacity max. 12 kg - Timer from 1 minute to 999 - Vibrating platform width 450 mm - Vibrating platform depth 300 mm - Capacity approx. 45 L / 2 stirring trays - External structure in electrolytically galvanized steel sheet, powder coated

€7,389.00 ex VAT
€8,792.91 incl. VAT if applicable
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Hersteller: Agilent Modell: BioTek Cytation 5 Beschreibung: Das BioTek Cytation 5 ist ein innovative (more)s bildgebendes Multimode-Lesegerät, das für die fortgeschrittene zelluläre Analyse entwickelt wurde. Ausgestattet mit Hellfeld-, Fluoreszenz- und Hochkontrast-Hellfeld-Bildgebungsmodalitäten, ermöglicht das Cytation 5 eine umfassende zelluläre Bildgebung und Analyse. Mit einem hochauflösenden Bildsensor und einer fortschrittlichen Bildanalysesoftware liefert es quantifizierbare Daten zu Zellmorphologie, Proliferation, Lebensfähigkeit und Proteinexpression. Das Cytation 5 ist mit Standard-Mikroplattenformaten, einschließlich 6- bis 384-Well-Platten, kompatibel und eignet sich für verschiedene Probendurchsatzanforderungen und Versuchsaufbauten. Mit integrierter robotergestützter Plattenhandhabung, automatischer Bildgebung und softwaregesteuerter Datenanalyse rationalisiert es Arbeitsabläufe und verbessert die Reproduzierbarkeit von Experimenten. Das Cytation 5 bietet kinetisches Imaging von lebenden Zellen in Echtzeit, so dass Forscher dynamische zelluläre Prozesse wie Migration, Invasion und Zellsignalisierung in einer kontrollierten Umgebung überwachen können. Das BioTek Cytation 5 ist ideal für Anwendungen in der Zellbiologie, der Arzneimittelforschung und der Life-Science-Forschung und bietet Forschern eine fortschrittliche Bildgebungsplattform für quantifizierbare zelluläre Analysen und dynamische Bildgebungsstudien. Kernmerkmale: - Phänotypische Assays - Stammzelldifferenzierung - Transfektionseffizienz - Ganzorganismus-Bildgebung - Normalisierung - Phagozytose - Signaltransduktion - Translokation - Schnelle Kinetik - Genotoxizität - Immunofluoreszenz - Mikrobiologie - 3D-Zellkultur - Quantifizierung von Nukleinsäuren - Bildgebung von lebenden Zellen - Biochemische Assays - Markierungsfreie Zellzählung - Histologie - Kalzium-Fluss - Apoptose und Nekrose - Zellmigration und -invasion - Zellproliferation - Zelllebensfähigkeit und Toxizität - Konfluenz Sonstige Daten: Umweltkontrollen: Temperaturkontrolle bis 65 °C, CO2/O2-Controller, Peltier-Kühlmodul Schütteln: Linear, orbital, doppelt-orbital Automatisierung: BioSpa 8, BioStack und Automatisierungsmöglichkeiten von Drittanbietern Bildgebungs-Modi: Fluoreszenz, Hellfeld, Hochkontrast-Hellfeld, Farb-Hellfeld, Phasenkontrast Bildgebende Verfahren: Einzelfarbe, Mehrfarben, Montage, Zeitraffer, Z-Stapelung Lichtquelle: Langlebige LEDs Kamera: Sony CMOS, 16-Bit-Graustufen, Standard oder WFOV Bildgebende Objektive/Kapazität: 1,25x bis 60x Vergrößerung/automatischer Revolver mit sechs Positionen Bildgebende Filterwürfel: Mehr als 20 Filter/LED-Würfel verfügbar Kapazität der Bildgebungsfilterwürfel: Vier Farbkanäle plus Hellfeld Autofokus-Methoden: Bildbasierter und Laser-Autofokus Detektionsmodi: UV-Vis-Absorption, Fluoreszenzintensität, Lumineszenz, Fluoreszenzpolarisation, zeitaufgelöste Fluoreszenz, Alpha Lesemethoden: Endpunkt, kinetisch, Spektralscanning, Well-Area-Scanning Das hier angebotene Gerät/System wurde getestet und ist voll funktionsfähig und einsatzbereit.

€22,500.00 ex VAT
€26,775.00 incl. VAT if applicable
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