QuestPair Analytics

Insights and information about equipment,
where it can be found, by which type of
organisations it is used, and for which purposes.

QuestPair Analytics

QuestPair analytics is using natural language processing and other advanced data science techniques to extract, process and analyse useful information about scientific equipment, materials and expertise. The insights from our analysis can help manufacturers and knowledge providers to better understand their market and optimise sales processes. They can also help expert customers to make fact-based decisions to purchase equipment that is more suitable for their needs.

Promoting new instruments

You have created a novel instrument and are looking for customers amongst scientific experts. We can help you to identify the organisations, department and groups that may be interested in buying your product.

Understanding your market

You are selling a suite of scientific or laboratory goods. To understand your market, you'd like an overview of where and by whom (type of user) your products - or similar items by competitors - are used, and for which purposes.

Selecting suitable equipment

You are looking for a specific type of scientific equipment. QuestPair can provide background information and help you to identify alternative or comparable brands and models so that you can make a more informed choice.


Our algorithms are continously extracting detailed quantitative data that we can analyse to obtain insights on the level of individual brands, coutries, organisations and departments. Below we have shown a few examples to illustrate.

The map above shows the number of identified microscopes at universities and research centres within the UK.

The Sankey diagram shows the relative amounts of microscopes from 4 major brands identified at 10 UK universities.

Measured relative usage of microscope brands and their models around the world. Larger rectangles denote higher usage.

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