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QuestPair Analytics packages and subscriptions

Curated datasets

One payment
  • QuestPair provides you with a curated dataset for your marketing & sales. You obtain information about brands and models for different countries, organisations or types of equipment.

Periodic updates

  • Tailor-made datasets that are updated regularly for new brands, models and other related information.
  • We are happy to discuss and make changes along the way according to your needs.

Analytics Dashboard

  • Obtain credentials to log into your personalised analytics dashboard.
  • Perform live queries on data that QuestPair has collected for one or more countries.

For manufacturers, suppliers & resellers

Data from QuestPair analytics can help manufacturers, suppliers and resellers of laboratory equipment and knowledge providers to provide market intelligence needed to optimise sales processes. At the same time, our data can help expert customers to make fact-based decisions to purchase equipment that is more suitable for their needs.

Questpair Analytics

Some examples where our data and insights can help:

- Which organisations in Germany are using the Leica SP8?

- What different brands of Raman spectrometers are there?

- Do laboratories that use the Malvern Kinexus also use rheometers of Anton Paar?

- Which instruments are used in Italy for particle size measurements?

... (and more) ...


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