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Pairing business with science

The European platform for laboratory equipment. Find suitable scientific instruments to perform your measurements and analyses.

Why QuestPair?

Shining light on all the options

There are myriad manufacturers and suppliers selling scientific equipment. Amongst those, the market share of second-hand equipment is growing. Although we think this is great news for research groups, it can still be challenging to navigate all those different webshops and marketplaces selling thousands of brands and models. Our aim is to create order in this chaos by listing the offerings of trusted and verified suppliers whilst also providing options of new and used instruments. If you would like to sell your equipment on our platform, contact us here.

Promoting second-hand equipment

Smaller companies and research groups with a limited budget can often profit enormously from buying used equipment. This way, you save on costs and may not have to deal with authorisations and tenders that can be required for more expensive new instruments.  Besides the price advantage, used equipment often is readily available which means you won't have to wait before starting your project. And it doesn't necessarily mean a lower quality. Some second-hand laboratory centrifuges have spun successfully for years!

We are aware that used equipment is not always a good alternative. Sometimes, you just may need the latest generation technology, or be otherwise restricted in your needs. It is therefore super important to check for issues to see if it is an option for your use case.

Data-driven matchmaking

We use big-data analytics and AI to gather information about brands and models that exist and what they are used for. This can help significantly to find suitable options of laboratory equipment for the measurements you want to perform. We will shortly launch a beta version of a smart matchmaking tool that helps you identify those brilliantly shining pearls of laboratory instruments that would otherwise have been lost to the eye. If you can't find what you're looking for or would like human help to find lab equipment, contact us here.

QuestPair Analytics

We offer services to provide insights and information about equipment, where it can be found, where it is used, and for which purposes.

QuestPair Core Team

Teun Vissers

Co-founder & CEO

Teun Vissers has a PhD in soft matter physics and 10+ years experience working as a research scientist on experimental physics and computer simulations at universities across Europe. He is also the founder of the company Lumakia to help investors and companies with technology research and development. He realised that it is often time-consuming to find suitable scientists that have the required expertise, materials and equipment. Therefore, he co-founded QuestPair to enable businesses to find experts, while empowering scientists and universities to start new projects and collaborations.

Jan-Willem Verhees

Co-founder & CTO

Jan-Willem Verhees has extensive experience working as a technical consultant to support companies and software development teams all over Europe. With an academic background in Computer Science and Embedded Systems, he has assumed various project manager roles and helped start ups grow their businesses. In 2013, Jan-Willem founded Orange Sputnik in 2013 to provide high quality software development at competitive prices. He is also the CTO of Paris-based platform IdeasVoice, to match founders and co-founders to launch new startups, and MingleChain to connect experts in the DLT/blockchain sector.

Harm Booy

Junior Data Science/Sales Specialist

Harm Booy is a dynamic professional with a robust background in both Data Science and Entrepreneurship. As the Founder of MR WATCHIEF, Harm has demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit by creating a platform that celebrates life's milestones through finely curated timepieces. Currently pursuing a Master's in Data Science in Business and Entrepreneurship at JADS, along with having a Master's Minor in International Business Management at Chulalongkorn University, Harm brings a unique blend of technical expertise and international business acumen to QuestPair.


Riccardo Di Clemente


Riccardo has a PhD in economics and a broad track record as a complexity scientist in top leading research institutions such as MIT, INET@OXford, and UCL. He developed new mathematical and computational frameworks to understand how the digital fingerprints we leave behind in our daily life can be used to delineate the future of our cities. He has a wide-ranging experience in managing and leading research projects within the public and private sector. Riccardo collaborated with the Gates foundation, UN, IPPR, and Sony CSL in data-driven analysis to infer human behaviour.

Viola Sarnelli


Viola is a User Researcher with a background in journalism, media studies and qualitative social research, who has has worked as a postdoctoral researcher in Italy, Algeria and the UK to investigate news media consumption and digital media use. As a UX Researcher based in the Netherlands she draws on a variety of methods to gather insights on users’ needs, choices and motivations and build more usable products. While working for the Scottish Government in Edinburgh Viola has developed a focus on inclusive digital services and products, to which she adds a strong commitment towards sustainable technologies and innovation.