Our Team

We are currently developing the QuestPair platform.

Teun Vissers

Co-founder & CEO

Teun Vissers has a PhD in soft matter physics and 10+ years experience working as a research scientist on experimental physics and computer simulations at universities across Europe. He is also the founder of the company Lumakia to help investors and companies with technology research and development. He realised that it is often time-consuming to find suitable scientists that have the required expertise, materials and equipment. Therefore, he co-founded QuestPair to enable businesses to find experts, while empowering scientists and universities to start new projects and collaborations.

Jan Willem Verhees

Co-founder & CTO

Jan-Willem Verhees has extensive experience working as a technical consultant to support companies and software development teams all over Europe. With an academic background in Computer Science and Embedded Systems, he has assumed various project manager roles and helped start ups grow their businesses. In 2013, Jan-Willem founded Orange Sputnik in 2013 to provide high quality software development at competitive prices. He is also the CTO of Paris-based platform IdeasVoice, to match founders and co-founders to launch new startups, and MingleChain to connect experts in the DLT/blockchain sector.

Riccardo Di Clemente


Riccardo has a PhD in economics and a broad track record as a complexity scientist in top leading research institutions such as MIT, INET@OXford, and UCL. He developed new mathematical and computational frameworks to understand how the digital fingerprints we leave behind in our daily life can be used to delineate the future of our cities. He has a wide-ranging experience in managing and leading research projects within the public and private sector. Riccardo collaborated with the Gates foundation, UN, IPPR, and Sony CSL in data-driven analysis to infer human behaviour.