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Used equipment

Browse the newest scientific instruments posted on QuestPair by suppliers from all over Europe.

New equipment

Browse new equipment, from laboratory equipment to state-of-the-art specialised devices.

Why QuestPair?

A new way

We understand you want to do the sales yourself. QuestPair simply redirects potential customers to your webshop.

Save time & money

Users can easily find and compare your products with other solutions.

QP Analytics

QP analytics can help with marketing providing and unique insights to manufacturers & suppliers.

Global & high quality

We invite renowned suppliers from all over the world. Scientific experts on QuestPair can evaluate your offerings.

Easy to use

Intuitive user interface for desktop, tablet and mobile makes it super easy to import and list items.


QuestPair supports a circular economy and promotes the re-use of second-hand equipment. 

for Marketplace suppliers

Equipment & Materials

Search and offer laboratory equipment such as microscopes, weighing scales, centrigures, and many other instruments for research or industrial usage. Advertise your specialised scientific materials, particles, research samples, devices or unique consumables.

Data & Software

Advertise specialised software or datasets, such as custom-made computer simulation code or collections of (commercial) research data. It is also possible to offer software that is related to particular equipment or industrial processes.


Advertise your scientific or engineering services so that they can be easily found by the companies and organisations that need them. We welcome larger companies and are enthousiastic about organisations and startups that bring specialist expertise and technology.

Who can use the marketplace?

Are you a supplier, a manufacturing company, or an innovative startup or spin-off developing exciting new equipment? You can list your items on QuestPair by simply creating an account and add your items. You will receive an email when a user requested information about your item and can then communicate directly with them yourself.

For suppliers or marketplaces with larger item collections we offer a QuestPair supplier account. We are also integrating QuestPair Analytics services (in development). Please contact us if you have any questions using the form below.

Circular Economy

We notice that many valuable (older) equipment that are no longer used inside companies and organisations are often abandoned or discarded while they could actually benefit other organisations. We encourage efforts to make the ecosystem for science and technology instruments more circular, and welcome the addition of second-hand equipment. If you are a company, group or organisation with second-hand equipment, please feel free to list it on QuestPair.

Transport & Safety

QuestPair is not involved in the transport of equipment. You are yourself responsible to arrange for a safe and effective exchange of goods or services.

How it works

As a supplier, you can simply add items to the QuestPair marketplace and provide an email address. When a user on QuestPair request information on an item you will receive an email and you can communicate directly with them. For those who don't have their own webshop, we are also working on options for secure marketplace payments through QuestPair.


Please let us know through this form in case you have questions about the QuestPair marketplace. We are happy to help.