Our goal: matching research professionals with suppliers of laboratory equipment, software and other scientific products. QuestPair inventorises where and how laboratory instruments and scientific tools are used, and where they can be purchased.

QuestPair Marketplace

Explore scientific instruments and products that are provided by suppliers from all over Europe.

QuestPair Analytics

Use QuestPair analytics to find out where different brands and models of laboratory equipment are used.

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Why QuestPair?

Leads & sales

QuestPair generates leads for you by linking potential customers to your webshop. We are working on options to also sell on QuestPair.

Save time & money

Users can easily find and compare your products. You can save money on marketing and SEO.

QP Analytics

State-of-the-art analytics provides additional context and insights around your offerings.

Global & high quality

We invite renowned suppliers from all over the world. Scientific experts on QuestPair can evaluate your offerings.

Easy to use

Our intuitive user interface for desktop, tablet and mobile makes it super easy to import and list your products. We can also support you with periodic auto imports.


QuestPair supports a circular economy and promotes the re-use of second-hand equipment. 

Equipment & Materials

Are you selling laboratory equipment for scientific research and industryList your scientific instruments, materials, samples, and other scientific products on QuestPair and show them to science and industry professionals. Our marketplace already contains many different products such as heaters, stirrers, optical equipment, analytical instruments, balances, centrifuges, bioreactors, incubators, pumps, spectrometers, cell sorters, microfluidic devices and many other instruments.

Data & Software

Advertise specialised software or datasets, such as custom-made computer simulation code or collections of (commercial) research data. It is also possible to list software that is related to particular equipment or industrial processes. Users can learn about your products and click on the product links to your website or interact by filling in the contact form to get directly in touch with you by email.


Showcase your scientific or engineering services so that they can be easily found by the companies and organisations that need them. We welcome larger companies and are enthousiastic about organisations and startups that bring specialist expertise and technology. QuestPair is the perfect place to show your expertise in scientific consultancy or research.

Who can use the marketplace?

Are you a supplier, a manufacturing company, or an innovative startup or spin-off developing exciting new equipment? You can already list some items on QuestPair by simply creating an account and add your items. You will receive an email when a user requested information about your item and can then communicate directly with them yourself.

For suppliers or marketplaces with larger item collections we offer a QuestPair supplier account. We are also integrating multiple QuestPair Analytics services (in development). Please contact us if you have any questions using the form below.