Mapping the usage of research equipment

During the last year or so we have set out to inventorise the usage of research equipment that is used in laboratories around the world. To do this, we have developed analytics algorithms that track different brands and models of laboratory instruments that are used at research organisations and companies around the world. We have
The tendency to measure, collect and connect scientific data is accelerating in the world around us. To facilitate this trend, there is a booming demand for measurement devices that are portable, sufficiently accurate and easy to use. An important segment are small and light-weight instruments to gather scientific data. Such miniaturised devices can be used
In many laboratories, refrigeration equipment is vital to perform clinical and fundamental research. In this article we discuss different uses and applications of refrigeration equipment.
If you are active in the healthcare industry or healthcare-related research, then medical and laboratory equipment is likely to be an integral part of your daily routine. Hospitals, medical centres and organisations use a variety of instruments and devices for diagnostics, laboratory analysis and research. The global market for medical equipment is enormous and worth
Raman spectroscopy has become an increasingly important tool in modern laboratories. Recent advances have led to its integration in an increasing number of applications such as microscopes and miniaturised detection devices.

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