Scientific research, consultancy and reviewing services
Rapid scientific advancements enable the development of exciting new technologies. More than ever before this involves multidisciplinary challenges requiring skills and know-how from physics, chemistry, biology, and informatics. This level of complexity often makes it harder for companies to define and describe to universities and research organisations which type of expert they want to hire.
Solar panels field - Green Deal goals, SMEs and sustainable business models
At QuestPair we have reviewed some of the current available resources to help small and medium companies taking on new challenges: meeting EU Green Deal Goals, adopting new circular economy business models, saving resources and expenses with more energy efficient plans.

QuestPair beta release

Scientific expert and consultant
We are proud to announce that we have launched a beta version of QuestPair! Early registration is now open for new users. We encourage businesses to post their requests of scientific and technological expertise, and scientists to apply with their ideas and solutions. QuestPair’s beta version already includes functionalities that enable clients such as companies
Over the last year, and as part of our SME Instrument Phase I project, we have performed an in-depth study to better understand the problems experienced by companies, scientists and universities. Companies and organisations often rely on external scientific expertise to develop their products or consultancy to solve technical problems. A recurring problem is that
Global scientific collaboration in times of crisis
In a world where communities are becoming increasingly interconnected socially and economically, there is an ongoing demand for organisations and businesses to exchange scientific expertise, data, materials and equipment. Companies around the world benefit from skills available in other regions and countries. Scientific expertise and engineering know-how are essential to develop new products, make companies

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QuestPair received SME instrument Phase I funding
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