Raman spectroscopy has become an increasingly important tool in modern laboratories. Recent advances have led to its integration in an increasing number of applications such as microscopes and miniaturised detection devices.
It can take considerable effort to find suitable scientific products for your research or industry application. To save time, it is now possible post your request on QuestPair and receive quotes from different suppliers.
There are several things to consider when selling laboratory equipment. This article briefly describes some of the main challenges and opportunities and describes QuestPair as a place for buyers and sellers to advertise their products and requests.
Selling scientific equipment comes with unique challenges and opportunities. We give a brief overview of different aspects and describe the role of QuestPair in this exciting and evolving market.
On a quest for scientific equipment, we provide a periodic update of new instruments and other items that are posted on QuestPair. In the first post of this series we discuss companies and items that have so far listed their instruments on the marketplace.

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