Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This FAQ is still being edited. More questions and answers will appear in time. If you have other questions that you would like to ask, please mention them here:

Questions about the QuestPair marketplace

Suppliers can list their items such as scientific instruments and other equipment on QuestPair.

Listing a number of marketplace items is free. Users can contact the supplier directly, or use the link on the item to navigate to the suppliers website. We are currently not selling any items directly on QuestPair.

QuestPair can be used by organisations and experts that offer or look for scientific equipment, services or other items. Feel free to have a look at our marketplace to get a better impression.

Signing up for an account is completely free of charge, and by default will give you a basic Free subscription. For early supporters we currently also have a limited offer for a free one-year Premium subscription that gives further discounts on project fees. More information on pricing can be found on our main page.

No. In the future we may offer payments for marketplace items through QuestPair or optional advanced (monthly) subscriptions, with extra analytics/marketing options that could have a charge per item.

Listing a number of marketplace items is free. The marketplace is set up such that for each item, customers can click the "contact supplier" button to send an email inquiry. The supplier can then communicate directly with the customer for the negotiations, sales and delivery of marketplace items. 

We aim to go to a model where suppliers pay a subscription to list their items and generate leads.

We are enthousiastic about a more circular use of scientific equipment and aim to stimulate the re-use of scientific instruments. We welcome suppliers offering used equipment, please contact us if you are interested to list some items on QuestPair.

FAQ for suppliers

Currently, we offer free suscriptions to list number of items on QuestPair. We also offer subscriptions to list larger amounts of items. There are options to upload items or they can be imported directly from your webshop. We can also offer additional marketing and analytics services. To get an idea, see for example our page on QuestPair Analytics. We may offer special deals to some companies and organisations, e.g. businesses that are signing up early, startups, and/or businesses that have high sustainability goals.

Yes! You can list your items on QuestPair and link each of them to the corresponding URL on your webpage. In this way you can generate more leads towards your webshop. It is also possible to import multiple items from an excel file.

No, this is not required. For some items it may be easy to determine a price, while for others it depends on customisation and other parameters. Therefore, setting a price is optional.

QuestPair's main focus is to enable suppliers to advertise scientific products that are for sale or rent, such as laboratory equipment or processing environment for research or testing purposes, or certain scientific materials and services.

Other questions

We just launched and QuestPair is still in Beta-mode. If you found a bug, please let us know here: We are fixing bugs as fast as we can.

We are grateful for your suggestions, which you can leave here:

We take privacy seriously. Please send a message with your concern or question to [email protected] and we will reply as soon as possible.