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Spectroscopy is one of the most used tools to explore properties of matter and is an umbrella term for different techniques such as infrared spectroscopy, visible light spectroscopy, UV-light spectroscopy, X-ray spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy and nuclear magnetic resonance. Spectroscopy instruments can be stand-alone devices, but are increasingly integrated as part of other equipment, for example in combination wit (more)h confocal microscopy.

Agilent 240FS series Atomic Absorption Flame system-cover
Agilent 240FS series Atomic Absorption Flame system

For sale: Refurbished Agilent 240FS series Atomic Absorption Flame system (please ask for official q (more)uote) Complete working system with burner, software, computer, cables. Also available: SPS3 sampler and other options if needed Other Atomic Absorption Systems like Varian 220FS, 220Z Furnance, 240Z Furnance, Perkin Elmer 400 series New and used parts for Agilent and Varian AAS systems Other brands like Perkin Elmer or Thermo   We are not a agent/reseller. All products on our website are in stock and can be delivered with installation by our own service engineers. All systems are delivered with warranty! We are not a agent/reseller. All products on our website are in stock and can be delivered with installation by our own service engineers. All systems are delivered with warranty! We can deliver maintenance and repair services by our own engineers   The 240FS AA is a fast sequential atomic absorption spectrometer that can double sample throughout and dramatically reduce running costs. Able to handle multi-element suites with ease, the Agilent 240FS AA system is ideal for environmental, food, and agriculture labs. The 240FS AA features automatic lamp selection, programmable gas box, and D2 background correction. A full range of AA accessories enable extra capabilities. Key Features Boost productivity and reduce running costs using Fast Sequential analysis Reduce your analysis time Reduce sample consumption Get accurate results Improve precision and accuracy Simplify your analysis Tune your flame AA performance Mark 7 atomization system

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Horiba Duetta Fluorescence and Absorbance Spectrometer NIR / UV-Vis-NIR / CCD-cover
Horiba Duetta Fluorescence and Absorbance Spectrometer NIR / UV-Vis-NIR / CCD

Hersteller: Horiba Modell: Duetta Beschreibung: Duetta™ ist ein 3-in-1-Spektrofluorometer, das die F (more)unktionen von Fluoreszenz- und Absorptionsspektrometern gleichzeitig vereint. Dank des eingebauten Hochgeschwindigkeits-CCD-Detektors kann das Duetta ein komplettes Spektrum von 250 nm bis 1.100 nm in weniger als einer Sekunde aufnehmen und ist damit das schnellste Fluoreszenzspektrometer auf dem Markt. Kernmerkmale: - Drei-in-Eins-Fluoreszenz- und Absorptionsspektrometer - UV-Vis-NIR Fluoreszenzdetektion Wellenlängenbereich von 250 bis 1.100 nm - Vollständige 3-D-Fluoreszenz-EEM-Akquisition in weniger als einer Sekunde - Klassenbeste Fluoreszenz-Empfindlichkeitsspezifikation von 6.000:1 RMS für Wasser-Raman - Automatische Korrektur für primäre und sekundäre Innenfiltereffekte (IFE) - High Fidelity Molecular Fingerprinting mit der einzigartigen A-TEEM™ (Absorbance-Transmittance Excitation Emission Matrix) Technologie - Millisekunden-CCD-Detektion des gesamten Fluoreszenzspektrums Sonstige Daten: Erfassungsmodi: Absorptions- und Fluoreszenzspektrometer Fluoreszenz-Empfindlichkeit: Wasser-Raman SNR >6.000:1 RMS, 350 nm Anregung, 5 nm Schlitze Spektrale Erfassungsrate: 510.000 nm/min EEM-Akquisitionsrate: Bis zu 1 Sekunde (proben- und wellenlängenabhängig) A-TEEM-Akquisitionsrate: Bis zu 30 Sekunden (proben- und wellenlängenabhängig) Fluoreszenz-Detektor: CCD/Spektrograf Fluoreszenz-Detektorbereich: 250 bis 1.100 nm Fluoreszenzbandbreite: 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20 nm (Anregung und Emission) Lichtquelle: 75 W Xenon-Bogenlampe. Spezielle Kassette für Snap-in-Austausch Wellenlängenbereich Anregung/Absorption: 250 bis 1.000 nm Absorptionsdetektor: Silizium-Photodiode Absorptionsdetektorbereich: 250 bis 1.000 nm Absorptionsbandbreite: 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20 nm Absorptionsbereich: 0 bis 2 A Absorptionsgenauigkeit: +/- 0.02 A Wellenlängen-Genauigkeit: +/- 1 nm Computer-Anforderungen: Windows 10 oder 11 64-bit OS, Laptop oder PC mit mindestens 1 USB-Anschluss (mehr für zusätzliches Zubehör) Software: EzSpec™ Abmessungen: (B x T x H) 17 x 20,4 x 14,4 Zoll; 43,18 x 51,816 x 36,576 cm Gewicht: 45 Pfund; 20,4 kg Das hier angebotene Gerät/System wurde getestet und ist voll funktionsfähig und einsatzbereit.

€18,000.00 ex VAT
€21,420.00 incl. VAT if applicable
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Bruker LC-NMR-MS Interface-cover
Bruker LC-NMR-MS Interface

The LC-NMR-MS Interface is designed to sit between an HPLC system, an NMR spectroscopy probehead and (more) an MS unit. It would normally be mounted on top of the MS table immediately in front of the MS input connector. The BNMI-HP consists of 3 medium pressure (> 60Bar) syringe pumps, a 1:20 splitter, an 8-Port valve, 3 mixing chambers (T-Pieces) and associated control and interface electronics. The flow of the HPLC separations to the MS unit can be modified by pumping additional solvent from the syringe pumps. This improves the MS peak detection and shortens the time needed for the split separation to reach the MS. Separations can also be stored as a result of an MS peak detection as well as through UV absorption peak detection. The splitter splits the fluid flow from the HPLC in a 1:20 ratio. i.e. ca. 5% of the fluid is directed to the MS and the remainder to either the NMR probehead for immediate analysis or to the BPSU36 storage cassette for storage and later analysis.  The fluid directed to the MS is mixed in the mixing chamber (T-Piece) with the solvent pumped from the syringe pumps. The two left hand syringe pumps pump alternatively to guarantee a constant ’makeup’ flow. The 3rd pump at the right hand side is used to pump a calibration fluid into the flow path to allow the MS to be calibrated (or simply synchronized) at the start and end of each measurement cycle. The 8-Port valve is used to direct the fluid flow. Control of the BNMI Unit is performed using the HyStar program via an ethernet interface. Commands received from HyStar are interpreted in the BNMI Control Board. The control board then sets up the BNMI unit accordingly e.g.: Starts the pumps, changes the flow rate, turns the 8-Port valve. The splitter has a fixed mechanical function and cannot be controlled or adjusted. It simply accepts a fluid flow and splits it into 2 paths in a 1:20 ratio. However, other split ratios are available (for example 1:100 may be preferred if you have very high sample concentrations).

€1,499.00 ex VAT
nmr spectrometers
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