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Spectroscopy is one of the most used tools to explore properties of matter and is an umbrella term for different techniques such as infrared spectroscopy, visible light spectroscopy, UV-light spectroscopy, X-ray spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy and nuclear magnetic resonance. Spectroscopy instruments can be stand-alone devices, but are increasingly integrated as part of other equipment, for example in combination wit (more)h confocal microscopy.

Bruker MultiRam FT-Raman spectrometer-cover
Bruker MultiRam FT-Raman spectrometer

FT-Raman Bruker MultiRam spectrometer with an excitation laser at 1,064 nm. Includes high sensitivit (more)y Ge detector. Cooled by liquid N2. Autonomy: 5 days. Filter the Raman signal at 1064 nm. PC with OPUS Search program that allows you to create your own spectral libraries. Note: The packaging, transportation and installation is not included as it must be done by the manufacturer for the perfect conservation of the equipment. Combine advanced digital electronics with Bruker’s high quality optics and you have the ultimate in a high performance FT-Raman system. The intuitive, easy-to-use OPUS software controls all data collection and manipulation functions for the MultiRAM. The real-time spectrum display permits software control of the analysis conditions, including optimization of the laser power and the sample position.High PerformanceThe MultiRAM configuration provides a spectral range of 3600 – 50 cm-1 (Stokes shift). The heart of the MultiRAM is Bruker’s patented interferometer with gold coated optics and permanent RockSolidTM alignment, which provides the superb stability and throughput required for demanding emission experiments, as it is the case for Raman spectroscopy.Sampling FlexibilityThe large sample compartment is easily accessible from 3 sides and features switching to 90° scattering geometry, and defocusing optics which are essential for successful analysis of samples sensitive of thermal heating. A motorized sample stage for optimization of the sample position , and a white light source to correct the spectra for instrument responses are included in the standard configuration of the MultiRAM. Additional sampling accessories, such as automatic sample changers, low and high temperature stages are optional. Sensitivity and StabilityEquipped with a broad band quartz beamsplitter, Bruker’s patented and frictionless RockSolid interferometer guarantees highest sensitivity and stability. The Nd:YAG laser sample excitation source (1064 nm) is fully software controlled. High throughput optics and Bruker’s unique liquid nitrogen cooled Germanium diode detector offers ultra-low signal detection with minimal noise assuring excellent sensitivity. The long hold time of the refrigerant provides hassle free operation for an entire week.

€42,500.00 ex VAT
Supplier: Galileo Equipos
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Perkin Elmer Lambda 25 UV/VIS Spectrometer-cover
Perkin Elmer Lambda 25 UV/VIS Spectrometer

This listing is for a Perkin Elmer Lambda 25 UV/VIS Spectrometer The Lambda 25 UV/VIS Spectrophotome (more)ter is a product of Perkin Elmer Inc. It is a reliable and robust system that fits these needs. The system is simple to operate, and users can get trusted results with little operator training. Its key features are easy to develop, simple and robust methods. This ensures that the method does not go wrong. This is an ideal match for most regular UV/VIS applications, including administrative testing, which provides fast and reliable results each time.Lambda 25 has a true dual-beam operation that provides optimal stability and allows real-time measurement and correction of references. The 25 system is also limited to liquid samples, unlike 35/45, and can even use solid, semi-solid, paste and powder samples. Lambda 25 system provides the widest range of sampling accessories, such as Peltier temperature control, optical fiber probes for field sampling, automatic linear unit switchers, and so on.The PerkinElmer Lambda 25 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer offers the best solution for measurement on solids, pastes and powders. It supports Double-Beam Operation. Variable bandwidth is from 0.5 nm to 4 nm. LAMBDA systems are easy to operate and deliver results that you can trust, with minimal training for operators. Using LAMBDA system, it’s easy to develop simple, robust methods and make sure you follow them without making mistakes. And, no matter what LAMBDA system you choose, your daily UV/Vis analysis will be faster, simpler, and more reliable than ever.Specifications:Wavelength range 190-1100 nmWeight 25 kg (57 lbs.)Wavelength absorbance range(linearity 0.99r2) 3.2AWavelength accuracy ±0.1 nmStray light <0.01% at 220 nmBandwidth 1 nm, fixedPhotometric accuracy ±0.001 ADimensions 65W x 56D x 23.3H cm (25 x 22 x 9″)Applications Routine UV/Vis testing, Liquids analysis, Pharmacopeia and regulatory tests

Supplier: Used Lab Machines Ltd
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Bruker Microflex LT/SH MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer-cover
Bruker Microflex LT/SH MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer

This listing is for a Bruker Microflex LT/SH MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer Very good working and cosm (more)etic condition, we have service reports showing working condition in December 2022. Includes PC with software APC Smart-UPS on-line The IVD MALDI Biotyper® system solution based on the microflex® LT/SH MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer has, over the last decade, revolutionized the routine identification of microorganisms. The microflex® LT/SH is a compact linear mode only benchtop MALDI-TOF system designed as an easy-to-use, but high performance solution for microbiology laboratories. This affordable, high value benchtop MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer with 60 Hz nitrogen laser is designed for microbiology. The instrument benefits from its gridless, self-cleaning ion source, providing excellent sensitivity in positive ion mode. Operating under the dedicated IVD-CE MALDI Biotyper® software platform for intuitive operation, especially by non-expert users and in multi-instrument laboratories, the microflex® LT/SH is a robust and easy-to-use system for routine microbial identification. The microflex® LT/SH features the patented PAN™ technology for high mass resolution over a broad mass range, within a compact device. Designed as a benchtop solution, it can be easily integrated into every laboratory. The self-cleaning ion source permits continuous high performance with minimized maintenance requirements. The push-button IR-laser cleaning is easy to perform and takes just 15 minutes. Intervals for planned maintenances are therefore longer and downtime periods shorter.

Supplier: Used Lab Machines Ltd
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