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Ultrospec 2100
Golden Bio Technologies
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Ultrospec 2100 pro Spectrophotometer

Golden Bio Technologies
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Description by the supplier

The Ultrospec™ 2100 pro UV-Visible spectrophotometer has an integral high resolution graphics display and easy-to-use software making it ideal for use in the modern laboratory.

Technical specifications

Wavelength range 190–900 nm

Monochromator 1200 lines/mm Aberration

corrected concave grating

Maximum scanning speed 3000 nm/minute

Spectral bandwidth < 3 nm

Wavelength accuracy ± 1 nm

Wavelength reproducibility ± 0.5 nm

Light source xenon lamp

Detectors two silicon photodiodes

Photometric range - 3.000 to 3.000 A, 0.01 to 9999

concentration units, 0.1 to 200 % T

Photometric accuracy ± 0.5 % or ± 0.003 A to 3.000 A at

546 nm, whichever is the larger

Photometric reproducibility within 0.5 % of absorbance value

to 3.000 A at 546 nm

Stability ± 0.001 A per hour at 340 nm

at 0 A

Stray light <0.05 % T at 220 nm using NaI and

<0.05 % T at 340 nm using NaNO2

Digital output 9 pin serial and Centronics parallel

Sample compartment size 210 x 140 x 80mm

Dimensions 510 x 350 x 160mm

Weight 13kg

Power requirements 100–240 V AC ± 10 %, 50/60 Hz,

About Golden Bio Technologies

Golden Bio Technologies Corporation is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Immunodiagnostic Kits and Medical refurbished equipment for worldwide diagnostics and research markets.

([email protected] , [email protected] )

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