Selling on QuestPair

The European B2B platform for suppliers of laboratory equipment

As a supplier, there are several options to sell your items.

The first option is to add items to the QuestPair marktplace. If you manually want to add a few items, please create an account and add items through our backend system.

If there are many items to import, it may be better to go for our automated solution where the content of your website is automatically imported and periodically updated. It saves a lot of work! If this is what you're looking for, please contact us through the form below to discuss the options.

Finally, we may also buy your equipment directly ourselves our together with our partners, for example if you have analytical instruments for sale.


Please contact us if you'd like to sell through QuestPair or would like to receive more information.

Why use QuestPair?

Do things your way

We understand you want to do things your way. You can sell items through us, and/or QuestPair can redirect potential customers to your own webshop.

Find new customers

Make your product easier to find by experts in research and development. Find customers you didn't reach before.

QP Analytics

QP analytics can help with marketing providing and unique insights to manufacturers & suppliers.

Global & high quality

We invite renowned suppliers from all over the world. Scientific experts on QuestPair can evaluate your offerings.

Easy to use

Intuitive user interface for desktop, tablet and mobile makes it super easy to import and list items.


QuestPair supports a circular economy and promotes the re-use of second-hand equipment. 

Circular Economy

Currently, valuable pieces of equipment which are no longer used are often abandoned or discarded while they could actually benefit other organisations. We encourage efforts to render the ecosystem for science and technology instruments more circular, and therefore welcome the addition of second-hand equipment on our marketplace. If you are a company, group or organisation that possesses used equipment, please feel free to list it on QuestPair.

Transport & Safety

QuestPair is not involved in the transport of equipment. Suppliers can arrange a effective exchange of goods or services according to their own deals. We do have options to integrate postaging services through shipment platforms.