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Tecan GENios Pro Multifunction Microplate Reader System-cover
Tecan GENios Pro Multifunction Microplate Reader System

Tecan Genios Pro Multifunction Microplate Reader: The Tecan Genios Pro is a fully automatic, compute (more)r controlled Fluorescence. Luminescence and Absorbance instrument for measuring samples in a microplate. The instrument fulfills the requirements for numerous fluorescence, absorbance and luminescence applications in research and routine investigations. The filters are arranged in filter slides; four excitation filters and four emission filters respectively can be installed in the slides. Handles 6, 24, 96 and 384 well plates. Spectral range 360-700nm for fluorescence. 230-900nm absorbance spectral range. Sensitivity ≤1.5 picogram fluorescein on each well or ≤4 fmol well. The emission signal is measured by a highly sensitive PMT. Different detection techniques with one instrument change of measurement directions (top / bottom) by PC software. Thermal incubation at +5º C to + 40º C. Dual optical channels allow measurements from above or below the plate by mouse-click. Light to and from the samples is focused by a lens and high quality filters are easily accessible from the front of the instrument. Each filter slide can hold up to four filters. Orbital shaking and temperature control are standard. Plate formats: 6 to 384 well plates Absorbance Range: 230-999nm Temperature control: Ambient + 5 °C to 42 °C Shaking: Linear or orbital, 3 velocities Fluorescence Intensity Wavelength range: Excitation: 230 – 850 nm, emission: 280 – 850 nm Bandwidth: Adjustable from 2.5 nm – 10 nm below 280 nm, 5 nm – 20 nm above 280 nm Wavelength accuracy: ± 1 nm Wavelength precision: ± 1 nm Sensitivity (top reading – 384 well plate): 0.2 fmol/well Sensitivity (bottom reading – 384 well plate): 0.6 fmol/well Time Resolved Fluorescence Sensitivity (384 well plate): 60 amol/well Precision (384 well plate): 3 mP standard deviation Fluorescence Polarization Wavelength Range: 275-750nm Absorbance (96 well) Wavelength range: 230 – 999 nm Wavelength accuracy (492nm): ±/- 1% and ±/- 0.010 OD OD Wavelength precision (492nm): ±/- 10,5% and ±/- 0.005 OD OD Measurement range: 0 – 4 OD Glow Luminescence Type: Chemi or Bioluminescence Wavelength readings: 400-700nm

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microplate readers
Tecan Spark 10M Microplate Reader (Absorbance Module)-cover
Tecan Spark 10M Microplate Reader (Absorbance Module)

Light source: High energy xenon flash lamp Detector: Silicon photodiode Wavelength selection: Single (more) High-Speed Monochromator Wavelength range: 200 – 1000 nm, selectable in 1 nm steps Wavelength accuracy: ≤0.8 nm Wavelength reproducibility: ≤0.5 nm Bandwidth: Fixed, 3.5 nm Measurement range (OD): 0 – 4 OD Measurement time (96-well plate, 1 flash): <14 seconds Measurement time (384-well plate, 1 flash): <30 seconds Fast Scan (200 – 1000 nm, 1 nm steps): <5 seconds OD accuracy (0 – 0.8 OD, 96-well plate): ±0.008 OD OD accuracy (0.8 – 2.5 OD, 96-well plate): <±1.0% OD accuracy (2.5 – 3.0 OD, 96-well plate): <±1.5% OD accuracy (at 260 nm): ≤0.5% OD precision (0 – 1.2 OD, 96-well plate): <±0.006 OD OD precision (1.2 – 3 OD, 96-well plate): ±0.5% OD precision (at 260 nm): ≤0.2% OD linearity (0 – 3 OD, 96-well plate, at 260nm): R-2 > 0.999 OD uniformity (96-well plate, at 1 OD): <3% Sample formats: SBS standard microplates from 1- to 384-wells,NanoQuant low-volume plate Microplate shaking: Linear, orbital and double orbital shaking; variable amplitudes and frequencies Stirring speed regulation: 50 – 1000 rpm Lid lifting system – maximum height of microplate and lid: 24.5 mm Temperature control – heating range: Ambient +4°C up to 42°C Temperature control – uniformity: <0.5°C at 30°C and 37°C at incubation position Dimensions (WxDxH): 494 x 557 x 395 mm Weight: 40 kg Software included

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microplate readers
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