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Jointlab srl
Milano - Italy
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Navigator NVT12000 Ohaus

Jointlab srl€278.00 
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The Navigator Series Scale is expertly designed to serve a wide array of weighing needs across multiple domains, including laboratories, industries, educational institutes, retail and commercial sectors, manufacturing industry, and food portioning instances. This robust, dynamic and multi-purpose scale spans a broad spectrum of weighing applications, boasting features like swift stabilization time, overload resilience up to four times its rated capacity, and user-friendly operation interface.

- Exceptional cost-effectiveness

- One-second stabilization aspect to enhance efficiency, productivity, and operation throughput

- Overload protection mechanism engineered to tolerate loads up to four times its nominal capacity, safeguarding the scale from undue usage.

Functional Capabilities

Weighing: This feature allows you to measure the weight of objects placed on the pan in a chosen unit of measurement.

Piece Counting: You can count the number of items placed on the pan, relying on a uniform weight.

Percentage Weighing: This calculates the weight of the sample, showing it as a proportion of a previously set reference weight.

Checkweighing: This feature enables comparison of a sample's weight with set target weights.

Additional Standard Features and Equipment

Specially crafted with ABS construct, stainless steel weighing pan and transport lock, these scales are a true testament to advanced weighing technology. Other attributes also include a menu switching feature, a safety lock for calibration adjustment, adjustable non-slip feet, a bubble level, mechanical and software overload/underload protection, stability indicator, low battery indicator, auto power-off, user-customizable print options, and communication settings.


Functional Capabilities

Weighing, Parts Counting, Percentage Weighing, Checkweighing

Display Interface

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with a backlight feature


AC adapter (included) or 4 C batteries (not included)

Connectivity Options

RS232, USB, or Ethernet (additional accessories are required)


ABS housing, stainless steel pan, transportation lock, adjustable slip-resistant feet, leveling bubble

Additional Features

Menu switching and calibration lock, mechanical and software overload/underload protection, stability indicator, low battery indicator, automatic power cuts, user-customizable print options and communication settings


EDUCATIONAL: Invaluable overload protection system. Additionally, the portability of the Navigator balance makes it well-suited for field experiments.

LABORATORY: Seamless to clean, precision-focused, and user-friendly, perfect for laboratory applications such as formulating, quality inspections, testing, and experimenting.

INDUSTRIAL: Known for its robustness, rapidity, and precision, this scale is ideal for light to medium industrial uses like paint and ink blending, packaging, sampling, and piece counting.

SALES, TRADE, AND MANUFACTURING: Rugged, Portable, and Reliable. Ideal for shipping and receiving stations, retail or warehouse environments. Battery operation reinforces convenience, especially when using counting and checkweighing functionalities for activities in hobby zones, inventory management, inspection, and quality control.

FOOD AND PORTIONING: Emphasizes hygiene, longevity, and low maintenance, perfect for portioning and pre-packaging. The availability of various units of measurement such as kg, g, lb, oz, and lb:oz, in addition to checkweighing and percentage checkweighing modes, ensures its utility at counters, preparation stations, and kitchens.

Product details
External dimensions mm L x P x A74 mm x 250 mm x 240 mm
Control panelDisplay LCD
Unit of measureGram; Kilogram; Carat
Weight kg1,5
SupplyAC adapter (included); 4 C (LR14) batteries (not included)
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€1,133.00 ex VAT
€1,348.27 incl. VAT if applicable
general laboratory equipment other
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