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LAUDA ECO RE 630 G Cooling Thermostat

Jointlab srl€5,324.00 
(€6,335.56 incl. VAT* )* - if applicable
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Description by the supplier

The LAUDA ECO G Series Thermo-Cryostats

The ECO G series thermo-cryostats from LAUDA are the epitome of advanced technology married with cutting-edge design. These instruments operate within a temperature range of -50°C to 200°C, subject to the different models. They feature a microprocessor management system and an integrated cooling construct. The gold control heating head, equipped with a TFT color graphic display and graphic illustration of temperature progressions, provides reliable control with 5 programs and 150 segments each. The integration of a mini USB interface adds to its convenience. With the top-tier LAUDA SmartCool intelligent system, these models deliver superior performance while promoting maximum energy conservation. The circulation pump is adjustable to six levels, and the ECO range of devices offer cooling power varying from 180 to 700 watts.

Specific Applications

These thermo-cryostats are invaluable for various purposes such as:

- Sample preparation for chemical and pharmaceutical studies

- Functional analysis of electronic components

- Bearing checks

- Conducting beer forcing tests

- Valve inspections

- Stress evaluations

- Bending examination

- Expansion tests

- Semiconductor scrutiny

Key Features

The ECO G series thermo-cryostats are noted for following distinct features:

- Microprocessor management via PID

- TFT graphic display providing a graphical display of temperature trajectories

- User-friendly alphanumeric menu navigation

- Overheat protection mechanism

- Class III protection, allowing operation with flammable substances

- Six-stage adjustable pump

- Front-facing controls for external/internal pump power, accessible without control unit dismantlement

- A USB interface along with options for further interface enhancements

- Provision for upgrading with Pt100/LiBus for outside management via console

- Programmable with up to 150 segments for 5 programs

- Integrated programmer with capacity for 20 segments

- Standard pump connectors

- Durable steel tub

- Convenient drain tap

The performance of the LAUDA ECO Gold cryostats can be visualized through a cooling performance graph.

The pump's performance across the six adjustable levels is presented in a detailed performance graph.

Product details
Temperature °C-30...200
External dimensions mm L x P x A200×430×581
Control panelGraphic TFT Coloured Display
Pump pressure max. bar0.6
Pump delivery max. l/min.22
Tank volume l4,6...5,7 l
Power W2600
Cooling output at 20 °C 0,300 kW @ 20°C
Weight kg27.6
Supply230 V / 50-60 Hz
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