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Climatic chamber KK 750 POL-EKO

Jointlab srl€16,970.00 
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Constructed without compromise, these climate chambers are consistently utilized in a variety of fields ranging from medical and biotechnological to chemical and industrial laboratories. They are particularly significant for pharmaceutical stability testing as per ICH Q1A (R2) - (CPMP/ICH/2736/99) guidelines.

These chambers offer a consistent temperature between 0°C to 60°C and owing to an ultrasonic humidifier, humidity regulation can vary from 30% to as high as 90%.

They are equipped with the advanced POL-EKO control panel: the Smart PRO touchscreen. The significant attributes include a large 7' display, WiFi capability for communication and data transfer, programming, alarms, internal memory for data recording and overview in graphic form, and much more. The standard software allows complete management via a PC.


The SMART control panel ranks among the most comprehensive in the market. Large symbols and temperature values provide a clear and easy reading experience. The latest touchscreen responds to commands even when touched with latex gloves and the large display ensures legibility from any angle, regardless of light intensity.

The SMART PRO delivers groundbreaking functions which includes LabDesk software for data transfer and remote usage.

Explore all the SMART PRO panel features in our dedicated post: Insights on SMART and SMART PRO.


Suffice it to say, the list is extensive:

- Severe 7' color touch screen

- LAN, USB and WiFi ports for communication and data transfer

- Rapid, multi-segment, time and temperature programming

- Adjustable ramps

- Records of the minimum, average, and maximum temperature value for each segment

- Audio-visual alarms with color bar on display

- Internal memory for program and data storage

- Fan speed control 0...100% or 10%...100% (based on chamber capacity)

- User manual directly accessible from the controller

- Loop function up to 255 times or infinite

- Temperature sensor failure alarm

- Event log with user notifications

- Touchscreen controls that work even when wearing latex gloves

- Overview of the set and current parameters during operation in table and graph form

- Operation in temperature or time priority mode

- Facility to create user accounts with rights and password assignments

- Memory of 40 user programs

- Data log – 10,000 data records for each user, data display screen in table or graph form

- Direct data download via USB port

- Event log


Dependable and Persistent.

The design and construction of POL-EKO climatic chambers ensure the best performance. They are an intelligent investment for those aiming to shape the future of their laboratories. Through these products, precise and repeatable results can be obtained for years.

The KK Smart Series Climatic Chambers utilize quality materials and are fitted with essential accessories, delivering a comprehensive, ready-to-use standard product.


- Insulated door with lock

- Internal glass door

- Interior comprised of acid-resistant stainless steel as per DIN 1.4301

- Stainless steel grill shelf (INOX)

- Over-temperatue protection class 3.3 in line with DIN 12880

- Castors

- Quality control protocol (at +25°C and 60%rH)

- Automatic defrost function

- USB port, LAN (with cable) and Wi-Fi connectivity

- Lab desk software

- External probe insertion hole diam. 30mm to the left

- Deionized water tank

- Door open alarm

- Available with FIT: phytosystem – day and night simulation with intensity control.


POL-EKO offers 9 climate chamber models with capacities ranging from 109 to 1485 litres. The figure below illustrates the superior working range (humidity/temperature) that the POL-EKO climate chambers can achieve with the KK series (ultrasonic humidifier) and the KKS series (steam humidifier).


Climate chambers with an ultrasonic humidifier provide steady and accurate conditions. The maximum temperature of 60°C makes it viable for seed germination, mushroom and plant cultivation, or food testing. The perfect climate conditions enable stability testing of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, packaging, and electronics.


Every detail of the POL-EKO units is crafted to streamline routine work and facilitate maximum comfort. The comprehensive package also includes a number of vital accessories.


The SPEKTROCHEM research and development center, a leader in paints, adhesives, and polymers, has been a steadfast POL-EKO customer over several decades. They utilize climate chambers for tests on water-based raw materials prepared in their laboratory.

Product details
Temperature °C0... +60
External dimensions mm L x P x A1270 x 1120 x 2010
Internal dimensions mm L x P x A1040 x 600 x 1200
Control panelColor display touchscreen
Shelves and drawers5 shelves (16 max.)
TimerMultifunction timer
Safety class3.3
Internal volume lt749
Power W2850 W
Warranty12 month ex works. 24 months for spare parts.
Type of refrigerantR290
Readability0,1 °C
Cooling tecnologyCompressor
VariousDouble door: internal glass; full exterior
Weight kg275
Supply230 V / 50-60 Hz
Temperature variation (in space)+/- 2.0 @ 25°C, 60%rH
Air convectionForced
Port for external sensorØ 30 mm
Humidity adjustable from...to %30... 90
Humidity resolution1,0 %
Humidity variation (in space)+/- 5.0 @ 25°C, 60%rH
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€3,468.85 incl. VAT if applicable
general laboratory equipment other
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