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Orbital shaker SHLD0415AL Ohaus

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Description by the supplier

Ohaus Light-Duty Orbital Shakers

These high-performing laboratory shakers from OHAUS are meticulously engineered for handling applications with up to 4kg load limitation. With the objective to optimize the mixing of samples, these shakers come with two accessible stirring orbits and speed ranges. The product portfolio includes a dedicated digital model for microplate usage, a pair of digital models for accessory use, and a reasonably priced analog device for routine shaking tasks. Every model is outfitted with a triple eccentric drive and an integrated chip control system to deliver precise, consistent, and dependable platform shaking, extending its utility to laboratories and beyond.

- Versatile: Features a tray and non-slip mat, and allows customization with over 20 accessories by simply removing the mat.

- Cost-effective and highly efficient for everyday laboratory shaking requirements.

- Delivers reliable shaking across the full speed range, aided by the robust triple eccentric drive.


These shakers find their utility in various areas such as ELISA tests, cell cultures, immunoassays, protein studies, bacterial and yeast cultures, dyes/bleaches, absorption techniques, and DNA studies.


The digital models come with self-explanatory LED displays providing speed and time readings, thereby enabling the operator to simultaneously view both the settings. Analog models come with clearly marked control knobs.


The device includes a detachable three-wire cable and plug for easy operation.


Constructed out of robust die-cast aluminum for enhanced durability.

Construction Features

A non-slip mat measuring 29.9x22.2 cm is included with all models, except the model designed for microplates.

Choosing a stirrer can be complex. To assist you, download the Open Air Mixers brochure for an overview of all models, available in the opening pages. Efficiently designed, these shakers ensure precise and dependable shaking performance for numerous laboratory procedures.

Product details
Stirring Speed Rangefrom 40 to 300 rpm
MovementOrbital, 15 mm
Load3.6 kg
External dimensions mm L x P x A10,8 cm x 41,3 cm x 26 cm (AxLxL)
Control panelAnalog control
Position size29,9 cm x 22,2 cm
Consumption25 W
Timerda 1 secondo a 160 ore
Warranty24 months
VariousCertificazione di sicurezza CE, TUV.
Weight kg10,9 kg
Supply230 V, 2,5 A, 50/60 Hz
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incubators, shakers
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