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Jointlab srl
Milano - Italy
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LAUDA Varioshake VS 8 OE analog orbital shaker

Jointlab srl€1,116.00 
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Description by the supplier

LAUDA Varioshake Shakers

Accommodating a versatile array of laboratory requirements, LAUDA's silent Varioshake shakers assure homogeneous agitation of diverse samples including 15ml or 50ml tubes, Erlenmeyer flasks, and containers. With a wide array of additional accessories, these shakers can be adapted to serve numerous purposes.

Applicable Domains:

- Biological and Microbiological Studies

- Medical Diagnostics

- Analytical Laboratories

- Academic Institutions, Research Facilities, and Testing Institutes

- Quality Assurance Laboratories

Reliability and Durability in a Unique LAUDA Design

Reputed for their impeccable durability and reliability, LAUDA shakers, incorporated with pioneering 'GFL technology,' serve as the steadfast 'workhorse' of any laboratory setting. Their robust, low-wear mechanical systems ensure exceptionally smooth operation and unwavering continual usage. Moreover, their innovative LAUDA design, compact size, and user-friendliness enable them to seamlessly integrate into any laboratory environment.

Control Panel: Analog or Digital

Our Varioshakes models, VS 8 OE and BE, feature analog rotary controllers, allowing easy adjustment of operating speed and time. Our digitally controlled models offer an expanded timer range with a start/stop function, and the capability to save the most recent operational parameters.

With an array of accessories available, Varioshake shakers easily adapt to meet any laboratory needs. Shaker trays, test tube holders, and Erlenmeyer flask clamps can be installed swiftly and effortlessly.

Commence the shaker, adjust the shaking frequency, set the operation time, and the process is complete.

Constructed with premium quality materials, our Varioshake shakers offer years of problem-free daily usage.

For more details on the usage of Varioshake shakers, check out our video dedicated to our digitally controlled models.

Product details
Max. stirring volume8 kg max.
MovementOrbital, 10mm
External dimensions mm L x P x A350x375x160
Control panelAnalog control
Position size330 x 330
Shaking Motionorbital
Shaking Frequencymin. 20 min-1, max. 500 min-1
Absorption0,07 kW
Weight kg11
Supply230 V; 50/60 Hz
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Varioshake shakers The silent LAUDA shakers are available in a large number of variations and shake  (more)each sample evenly, such as 15ml and 50ml tubes, Erlenmeyer flasks and containers. They can be used for a large number of purposes, thanks to a wide range of accessories. Areas of application: - Biology and microbiology - Medical diagnostics - Analytical laboratories - Test institutes, universities and research facilities - Quality Assurance Laboratories Reliable and durable with new LAUDA design The shakers are the laboratory's trusty 'workhorse'. LAUDA agitators are produced with 'GFL technology' and are synonymous with the highest quality, reliability and durability. Their robust, low-wear mechanical system ensures extremely smooth operation and reliable continuous service. Furthermore, thanks to the new LAUDA design, the shakers adapt to any laboratory environment, thanks to their small footprint and are extremely easy to use. Control panel: analog or digital The LAUDA Varioshake VS 8 OE and BE, with analog rotary controllers, allow adjustment of speed and operating time. Digitally controlled agitators provide an extended timer range, start / stop function and provide the ability to save the latest operating parameters. Shaker tray, test tube holder, Erlenmeyer flask clamp easy to install in seconds. All available as an accessory. Turn on, set the shaking frequency, set the running time, done. Highest quality materials: daily use for years without problems.

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