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Thermo Scientific
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Thermo Scientific Heratherm IMPP400 Cooled Incubator

GENEO BioTechProducts GmbH€5,990.00 (ex VAT)
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Description by the supplier

Unused demo product in original packaging. Great condition. 12 months warranty.


- User-friendly microprocessor control

- Temperature setting in 0.1 °C

- PID control with automatic troubleshooting during device preparation, for ensuring correct and accurate control at all times

- Easy calibration with push buttons

- Large, easily readable vacuum fluorescence display

- Flexible racks allow efficient use of the chamber volume and can be easily removed for maintenance

- Inner glass door allows observation of the samples without significant influence on the chamber temperature

- Automatic overheating alarm

- Cable bushing with large diameter (42 mm / 1,65 in) for data monitoring

- RS232 port for data recollection

- High performance security system mit double sensors for maintaining the required temperature during power outages for sample protection

- Stainless steel chamber with rounded corners for easy mainenance

- FCKW-free/FKW-free polyurethane foam for exceptional temperature values and condensation protection

- Temperated door with intelligent energy management decreases condensation (also at lower temperatures)

- Timer with week, day and realtime mode

- Optional Programming of different temperature ramps

Technische Daten:

- Temperature range: 5 °C to 70 °C

- Inner dimensions (W x H x D): 544 x 1335 x 524 mm

- Outer dimensions (W x H x D): 778 x 1545 x 770 mm

- Chamber volume: 381 liters

- Number of racks included/max: 2/17

- Spatial temperature deviation at 20 °C: ≤ ± 0,3 °C

- Temporal temperature deviation at 20 °C: ≤ ± 0,1 °C

- Usable area: 0,56 m2

- Rack dimensions (W x D): 528 x 498 mm

- Weight load capacity per rack: 30 kg

- Weight load capacity device: 75 kg

- Weight: 167 kg

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