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Valor 7000 Ohaus

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Description by the supplier

The Ohaus Valor 7000 food grade scale exemplifies the latest evolution in the OHAUS series, providing an ideal solution for enhancing the efficiency of food weighing and portioning processes. Featuring dual display and touchless sensors, alongside an easily navigated menu and configuration options, this piece of equipment ensures seamless and uncomplicated operation for its users.

Boasting certifications from NSF and USDA-AMS, and supporting HACCP certification systems, the Valor 7000 follows stringent food safety standards. It is specifically designed to function optimally in dry food processing environments.

The large, backlit display and communication ports - inclusive of RS232 - allow for swift and cost-effective data transfer and storage. Impressively, the Valor 7000 is capable of delivering repeatable and highly precise results in less than a second, thus significantly reducing waiting times and increasing overall productivity.

Applications for the Valor 7000 include weighing, percentage weighing, weight control, and summation. This technologically advanced scale features a dual backlit LCD display, operates on an AC adapter or rechargeable battery - both included - and allows for communication via the included RS232 or optional second RS232, USB, or Ethernet.

The unit is constructed with a durable ABS shell and a stainless steel platform, offering enhanced durability. Added functionalities include a touchless sensor, carry handle, menu lock switch, and front level indicator. Other notable features include a remarkable 210-hour battery life, 3-LED checkweigher lights with selectable operation and beep settings, selectable environmental and auto print settings, auto power off, and an auto tare function.

Clearly designed with user-friendliness in mind, the large backlit displays enable effortless viewing of results while the easily accessed communication ports facilitate swift and efficient data transfer and archiving. Repeatable, accurate computations can be produced in less than a second by the Valor 7000, essentially eliminating wait times and thus continually promoting increased productivity.

Product details
Internal dimensions mm L x P x A117 x 311 x 327 mm
Control panelDouble display LCD
Position size225 x 300 mm
Weight kg4,2
SupplyAC power supply (included); Rechargeable battery (included), up to 210 hours of use
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