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Rod agitator DLH VELP

Jointlab srl€907.00 
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Description by the supplier

Digital Display and Comprehensive Operations Management

The DLH laboratory equipment seamlessly guides the user through a highly readable and brightly lit display. Key parameters such as set speed, actual speed, torque value, and a programmable digital timer are continuously and conveniently visible. The DLH equipment features an auto-off function after a set period, facilitating independent operation and enhancing ease of use. Equipped with advanced safety mechanisms, the system ensures safeguards against overload, overcurrent, and overheating.

Streamlined Chuck System and Advanced Security

The user-friendly spindle locking system, incorporated within our laboratory equipment, obviates the need for special tools. It is the most user-friendly system available in the market, accommodating different rod models for varied applications, with a maximum diameter of 10 mm. VELP Scientifica solutions prioritize user intuitiveness and operational safety, with built-in overload and over-temperature safeguards. All models adhere to IP 40 operational standards.

Extended Lifespan

Our solutions are meticulously designed to ensure prolonged instrument lifespan, even under the most demanding operational conditions. The protective casing safeguards the motor against potential damage from corrosive substances or vapours, significantly reducing internal corrosion. A robust motor ensures consistent performance over the course of several years, minimizing additional maintenance costs.

Chemically Resistant Technopolymer Structure

VELP Scientifica stirring rods feature a specialized technopolymer structure, known for its unparalleled chemical resistance and lightweight design. Installation is simple and convenient. These rods also offer a minimal footprint to optimize bench space.

Available Models:

For optimal versatility, operators can choose from a variety of control types, including digital or analog options.

- Digital: Real-time monitoring of set speed, actual speed, torque, and timer.

- Analog: A cost-effective solution balancing exceptional power and precision.

Our products are designed with intuitive graphics and a straightforward interface that doesn't necessitate prior familiarity with the equipment. VELP Scientifica equipment significantly enhances laboratory safety and operational efficiency.

- Overload and overheating protection

- Intuitive spindle closing system accommodating max. rod diameter of 10 mm

Our compact, lightweight design maximizes laboratory bench space, while the technopolymer structure enhances durability. All models adhere to IP40 protection standards.

Product details
Stirring Speed Range50 - 2000 rpm
Max. stirring volume40 liters
External dimensions mm L x P x A80x196x230
Control panelDisplay LCD
Power W190
Torque max.80
Viscosity max.50.000 mPa*s
Weight kg3
About Jointlab srl

Jointlab.com is a website of professionals for scientific instrumentation. With us you will have answers that others will not give you. From magnetic stirrers to laboratory pumps. From electronic scales to safety cabinets: the whole world of the laboratory in jointlab.com!

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