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Jointlab srl
Milano - Italy
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Complete system with pt100 for AREX-6 Connect PRO Velp

Jointlab srl€643.00 
(€765.17 incl. VAT* )* - if applicable
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Description by the supplier

Presenting the pioneer hot plate stirrer integrated with Wi-Fi capabilities - the VELP Ermes. With this technological piece, you can streamline routine tasks through real-time control of your AREX-6 Connect PRO from any geographical location. Seamlessly access your analysis data from a PC, tablet, or smartphone, enhancing the productivity and replicability of your reaction processes. Automatic notifications and alerts will keep you informed at all times, while the remote interruption feature offers total control of your procedures.

Prioritizing safety, the AREX-6 Digital PRO comes equipped with dual, independent temperature reading circuits. These provide instrumental protection in circumstances of a single malfunction. In the event of the probe not being inserted into the sample under analysis, the device automatically halts heating and displays a cautionary message. The advanced technology of the AREX-6 Digital PRO enables setting of a maximum temperature limit pertinent to specific-temperature analysis. Moreover, the innovative Lock function discourages unintentional setting alterations.

Featuring a high-resistance CerAlTop™ plate, made from aluminum alloy encased in a ceramic layer, this device ensures uniform and rapid heat transfer across the entire surface. The thin ceramic layer additionally imparts protection against scratches and chemicals.

The AREX-6 Digital PRO delivers unrivaled performance with its cutting-edge thermoregulation system. The PID thermoregulation system offers stable, quick temperature control with minimal overshoot. The VTF and Pt100 probe facilitate precise temperature control. Two different thermoregulation modes are available – FAST mode for swift achievement of set temperature and FINE mode for slow, controlled heating to diminish overshoot.

With its brushless motor, stirring capacities extend up to 20 liters at adjustable speeds between 30 to 1700 rpm. The SpeedServo™ system ensures a consistent speed even in variable viscosity conditions. The Alnico magnet promises uniform agitation and powerful magnetic coupling, vital when employing accessories.

The AREX-6 Digital PRO also boasts an IP42 rating affirming its reliability and resilience. Its construction and materials guard the device’s internal components against potential damage. Further protection is provided by a silicone cover protecting against liquid spills or splashes.

Other key technical features include:

- Speed regulation precision at 5 rpm

- Temperature regulation resolution of 1°C

- Probe connection of Pt100 and connection for VTF/VTF EVO digital thermoregulators

- Automatic reverse rotation, among others.

The user-friendly interface includes a bright LED display and intuitive icons. The sensitive knobs for speed and temperature are activated only after being pressed. The device is equipped with an in-built timer and rotation reverse, and an advanced menu for personalized configuration.

With the AREX-6 Connect PRO's built-in Wi-Fi technology, you can connect to the VELP Ermes cloud platform, making it an optimal solution for your Smart Lab. This provides reduced manual operation, improved productivity, and better data reproduction.

Optional accessories include Spherical Caps that can replace oil baths and heating mantles and the MonoAlublock™ and MultiAlublock™, catering to diverse stirring and heating analysis requirements.

Product details
Stirring Speed Range30 - 1700 rpm
Max. stirring volume20 liters
Heating plateYes
External dimensions mm L x P x A160x280x105
Position size135 Ø
Power W630 W
SeriesAREX 6
VariousIP 42
Weight kg2,6
Supply230 V / 50-60 Hz
Maximum temperature370 °C
Plate materialCeramic coated aluminium
Cloud / Wifi connectionYes
Standard accessorypt100 probe
Max. stirring speed1700 rpm
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