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Cryogenic instruments and products are used to keep materials and samples cold and manipulate them in such as state. According to some definitions cryogenics indicates a field of temperatures lower than -180°C, but loosely it is also used for samples kept at cold temperatures of under -50°C, which is often cold enough for the longer-term storage and preservation of biological samples. Cryogenics also involves applica (more)tions such as liquefied natural gas storage, production and transportation and the handling of liquid oxygen or helium or nitrogen. There are many applications of cryogenic liquids in chemistry laboratories to condense gases and maintain sensitive chemicals at low temperatures. Correspondingly, there are special vessels and tools to store and transfer cryogenic materials materials.

Funke Gerber CryoStar 1 Cryoscope-cover
Funke Gerber CryoStar 1 Cryoscope

This listing is for a Funke Gerber CryoStar 1 Cryoscope The Funke Gerber CryoStar is a highly accura (more)te and reliable Cryoscope for high accuracy freezing point determination (FPD). The CryoStar uses FPD to find the plateau as prescribed in the ISO/IDF/DIN 5764 standard for measuring water in milk. The 4 decimal place accuracy of the CryoStar gives excellent repeatability and ultimately confidence in the instruments results. Benefits Designed for the future, flexible: Fixed time measurement, plateau and maximum search functions. You can freely program all relevant parameters. The CryoStar can also be set to conform with all national and international standards (including future ones). Easy to use: The operation is menu guided on the touch screen in the language of your choice. German and English are currently available. Sure Performance: The reliable cooling system ensures rapid operational readiness even in high-temperature environments (max. approx. 34‚àûC). Fast: Depending on actual setting used, up to 40 samples can be measured per hour. Versatile: The CryoStar is equipped with a serial connection for standard printers und an USB port for connections to a PC. Measured values can be saved to a USB-drive for further processing. Handy: The CryoStar is small, light and easy to handle. The percentage of added water content is directly displayed and printed. The calibration is carried out automatically. All settings and calibration values are retained in a non-volatile memory Testing milk for added water is an important quality control check carried out in dairies worldwide. Adding water to milk increases the freezing point of the milk by a fraction of a degree. This is measured using a machine called a Cryoscope which can detect added water in milk with precision down to a thousandth of a degree Celsius. Technical Specification Connection: 230V/115 V AC (50...60 Hz), 180 VA Measurement Resolution: 0,0001‚àûC ( 0,1 m‚àûC ) Repeatability: ± 0,0020‚àûC ( ± 2,0 m‚àûC ) Measuring Range: 0.0000‚àûC to -1.5000‚àûC Sample Volume: 2.0 ml to 2.5 ml Sample Rate: up to 40/hr typically 30/hr Interfaces: 2x serial, 2x USB, Ethernet Cooling Time: approx. 15 min Display: 7“ graphic color touch display, showing freezing curve, measurement result [‚àûC], [% added water] date, time, measuring conditions Protocol Printing: measurement result [‚àûC], [% added water] date, time, measuring conditions

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