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LabMakelaar Benelux B.V.
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Binder CB 210 CO2 Incubator

LabMakelaar Benelux B.V.€5,994.00 (ex VAT)
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LAUDA VS 60 OI shaking incubator-cover
LAUDA VS 60 OI shaking incubator

Varioshake shaking incubator These LAUDA tools are renowned for being extremely reliable and suitabl (more)e for heavy use. Specialized in gentle mixing and vigorous shaking, these shaking incubators are used for applications that require repeatable orbital movements and temperatures up to +70°C with excellent stability. They are preferred by standard or research laboratories for incubation, fermentation, homogenization, chemical and biochemical reactions, enzyme and tissue studies, as well as for the cultivation of bacterial cultures. Applications: homogenization, incubation, fermentation or chemical and biochemical reactions. The control panel features soft-touch keys with clear symbols. It will therefore be very easy to set the temperature, the stirring frequency or the incubation time quickly and precisely, rest assured that the technology of these instruments will exactly reproduce the set values. The temperature - Temperature regulation is controlled by a microprocessor, PID type with RS232 interface. - The temperature distribution is optimal throughout the interior of the cabinet. - Temperature setting and display: digital, LED, in 0.1°C increments. - Temperature range: from 8°C above ambient temperature to + 70°C. - Temperature range (with cooling coil; not included): 20 to 70°C, depending on the cooling medium used and the ambient temperature. - Electronic monitoring of the temperature controllers activates visual and acoustic alarms in the event of a fault. In these cases the heating switches off automatically and the cause of the anomaly is shown on the display. Agitation and Incubation - Quiet and robust stirring mechanism with gentle start and smooth, load-independent orbital motion - The orbital motion can be turned on and off - Shaking frequency and incubation time can be set thanks to the microprocessor. - The timer continuously displays the remaining incubation time and acoustically signals its expiration. Specific features of the VS 60 OI model This model, with a liftable acrylic glass cover, consists of an external housing made of electrolytically galvanized and powder-coated sheet steel. The vibrating platform, made of aluminum, has 4 plastic pins to accommodate a vibrating tray or a universal support. - Stirring width: 30 mm - Usable volume 68 L - Shaking frequency min. 20 min-1 - Shaking frequency max. 250 min-1 - Shaking width 30 mm - Load capacity max. 12 kg - Timer from 1 minute to 999 - Vibrating platform width 450 mm - Vibrating platform depth 450 mm - Capacity approx. 60 L / 1 stirring tray

€6,669.00 ex VAT
€7,936.11 incl. VAT if applicable
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AREX Digital 5 Velp with probe, rod and clamp-cover
AREX Digital 5 Velp with probe, rod and clamp

THE TOP MODEL OF THE 5 SERIES Ideal for laboratories requiring precise sample temperature control an (more)d maximum reproducibility. The AREX 5 Digital magnetic stirrer is a beautiful instrument with a dual digital display for thermoregulating samples with an accuracy of ± 1.0 °C. Thanks to the VTF system then, it will be possible to achieve an accuracy of ± 0.5°C. Pt100 and Pt1000 probes are also available as an option. RESISTANCE, SAFETY AND PERFORMANCE The plate of the AREX 5 Digital Velp model is IP42 certified and is made of aluminum alloy coated with a ceramic layer, which guarantees protection from scratches and chemical agents, making it very resistant and easy to clean. It is therefore preferred in laboratories where acids, bases and solvents are used. Safety circuits and overtemperature protection guarantee complete protection for the operators. Two light indicators inform the user when the heating function is active. Even when the instrument is switched off, a safety message ('HOT') remains on the display until the plate temperature drops below 50°C. A further alarm will detect the presence of the probe. The plate structure and the insulating disc protect the internal parts and ensure high resistance to the most demanding laboratory environments and applications, for example when working with cold fluids (below 0°C). AREX 5 is designed to last over time and like most Velp products it is guaranteed for 3 years. THERMOREGULATION When a temperature probe is connected, it is possible to choose 2 different thermoregulation modes to satisfy all laboratory needs: - FAST: the set temperature is reached quickly - FINE: the set temperature is reached more slowly, minimizing the overshoot SHAKING AREX 5 is equipped with a powerful brushless motor for daily applications, being able to agitate up to 20 liters (H2O). It is also equipped with SpeedServo™ technology, which allows the speed to be kept constant even when the viscosity of the sample varies. The combination of the powerful brushless motor and the strong magnetic coupling ensure homogeneous stirring, even in the peripheral areas of the plate, guaranteeing a constant speed in all positions. DESIGN The compact, innovative and attractive design offers comfort and safety both during benchtop applications and in laboratory fume cupboards. The inclination of the front panel is designed to optimize the user experience and the bright LED display allows easy reading and constant monitoring of the temperature and stirring speed. APPLICATIONS AREX 5 is the ideal solution for temperature sensitive applications in many industrial, research and academic laboratory sectors. THE AREX DIGITAL PANEL: BEAUTIFUL AND SIMPLE TO USE By turning the left knob it will be possible to adjust the temperature up to 310°C, while with the right one it will be possible to set the stirring speed from 50 to 1500 rpm. COMPARISON TABLE OF THE NEW VELP SERIES 5 MAGNETIC STIRRERS:

€480.00 ex VAT
€571.20 incl. VAT if applicable
Tecan Microplate Power Washer PW 384 96 Well Cell-based and ELISA Mikroplatten-cover
Tecan Microplate Power Washer PW 384 96 Well Cell-based and ELISA Mikroplatten

Manufacturer: Tecan Model: Power Washer 384 S/N: 510000011 P/N: 16029900 Description: The Power Wash (more)er 384 is ideal for enzyme immunoassays and cell-based assays, in  either 96- or 384-well microplate formats. It has advanced wash-heads for simultaneous processing of all wells in either format, reducing the overall  plate processing time to just a couple of seconds and enabling maximum  throughput. Additionally, the PW384 is fitted with an aerosol shield to protect the user  from potentially infectious aerosols, and productivity is further increased by automated switching between up to three different buffers. Wash parameters such as dispense and aspiration speed, vertical aspiration  position and vacuum level can be fine-tuned to ensure the best results for your application using the simple WinWash plus package, and up to 20 different  washing programs can be stored. The Power Washer 384 is fully compatible with Tecan’s Freedom EVO® liquid  handling workstations and the Connect™ microplate stacker system. Alternatively, the washer can be operated as a stand-alone instrument and is straight forward  to program using the integrated keypad. The instrument is easy to maintain and comes with fully automated cleaning  procedures, ensuring high reliability. To further improve walkaway time and  process security, the instrument can be fitted with options including large volume  bottles and liquid level control for both buffer and waste bottles Product hightlights include: • High performance washer for 96- and 384-well microplates• 2-in-1 solution combining two applications and two• microplate formats in one compact instrument• Easy, user-exchangeable wash heads guarantee optimum• throughput in both 96- and 384-well formats• Simultaneous processing of all wells also in the 384-well format - no  time-consuming indexing of wash head required• Tunable wash parameters for best results with both cell-based and ELISA assays  for research use• Handling of up to 3 wash buffers for maximum application flexibility• Easy programming via integrated keypad or via WinWash™ plus software• Reliable operation and easy maintenance via predefined cleaning protocols• Aerosol cover around wash head for maximum user safety• Optional large volume bottle set and liquid level control for process  monitoring of wash buffer and waste bottles• Full compatibility with Freedom EVO®, TRAC™ and Connect™ system Specifications: Applications: EIA and Cell based assaysMicroplate formats: 96- and 384-wellsMode of plate processing: all wells simultaneouslyManifold channels: 96, 384Wash-liquid channels: Up to 3Wash program storage: Up to 20Dispense volume range: 50-3000 µl in 96 format10-1000 µl in 384 formatDispensing accuracy: CV = 2% over 96-well plateCV = 3% over 384-well plateResidual volume: = 2 µl across 96-well plate= 2 µl across 384-well plate Items delivered: - Tecan Powerwasher 384 (for 384- & 96-Well)- Power Cord- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail The instrument is fully functional tested - Used but good cosmetic condition.

€2,500.00 ex VAT
€2,975.00 incl. VAT if applicable
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