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A science marketplace that makes the navigation and comparison of scientific instruments and devices easier.

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For each posted item, customers can quickly and directly contact suppliers and visit their website.

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Items on the science marketplace are monitored with QP analytics to obtain information on their uptake and usage.

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Manufacturers and suppliers across the globe can post their instruments on QuestPair's science marketplace.

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Our science marketplace is designed to offer a smooth user experience for audiences with different research interests.


The use of second-hand equipment in organisations can boost a more efficient research and development ecosystem.

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Exploring equipment

Currently, the fragmented market for scientific instruments can be difficult to navigate for science and technology professionals. One major problem is the extraordinary amount of manufacturers and suppliers that create and sell equipment around the world. Apart from being a time-consuming endeavour - in a world where time is a rare commodity - looking for items in this fragmented environment also severely limits the amount of brands and models that can be explored within reasonable time. QuestPair's science marketplace is designed to save the trouble of having to search and compare specifications, prices and particularities of similar items on numerous and different platforms. Furthermore, QuestPair's analytics tools help to put into perspective the use cases of different pieces of kit, and for which type of research or development they may be suitable.

Sales and offerings

From the perspective of suppliers it can be tough to set up the neccesary machinery to launch efficient marketing & sales campaigns. This is true in particular for small manufacturers of specialised scientific equipment, who often have a limited budget and resources that can be allocated to such tasks. Consequently, getting the word out and generating sales can be a serious struggle even for the most talented and seasoned innovators. At the same time, also larger suppliers may suffer from entrance barriers when launching products into the market that are unfamiliar to scientists and engineers. QuestPair aims to support innovation on all fronts by providing a science marketplace that helps to promote and diffuse new concepts and instruments, driving research and developments in academic and industry environments, and to remove obstructions related to sales and marketing.

Unifying supply and demand

Ideally, professionals looking for medical equipment, analytical devices or laboratory & research instruments can readily find the items they need while at the same time remaining sufficiently exposed to alternative instruments, in order to explore possible novel avenues for future development. As a science marketplace, QuestPair aims to maintain a balance by offering experts a range of useful products while offering a platform to suppliers to advertise and explain the working of their products. Leveraged by an intuitive UX and analytics algortihms based on natural language processing and quantitative analysis, our goal is to keep on pushing the envelope by combining expert insights with state-of-the-art engineering and design in laboratories and workshops around the world to establish a good match between needs and solutions.

Who's selling, who's buying?

Typically, buyers of scientific equipment and services include professionals working in a variety of places ranging from academic groups at universities or research institutions to industrial settings and production environments.

Suppliers can be manufacturers, companies, resellers, other marketplaces, research groups or even individual specialists. Whereas some suppliers offer a wide range of brands and models, others are limited to a single brand and in the case of specialists often just a small number of models.

On the supply side, our science marketplace lists items, facilitates communication and provides links to the supplier's website. On the demand side, we can facilitate requests for instruments to achieve specific goals.

Large brands and suppliers

Larger global brands of scientific instruments often operate through local departments and resellers to promote and sell their instruments. Because QuestPair is a global science marketplace, it can list items for each of these local sales locations. By tracking the usage of scientific instruments for thousands of brands and models that are used cross-disciplinary in research institutions around the globe, listed items can be matched with local needs and preferences of research institutions.

Startups and specialists

Apart from the large established brands, there are many smaller groups and companies designing and creating state-of-the-art research and analysis equipment. For these innovative startups, it can be difficult to generate sales and scale up production as in an early stage they often need to be on the lookout for customers, contrary to the larger brands that can already benefit from existing branding and commercial exposure through established networks. Even when newcomers can distinguish their equipment with unique characteristics and capabilities, it can be hard to compete with bigger names with a proven track-record and set reputation. As a science marketplace we can help smaller companies and startups to create exposure and visibility by offering discounts on subscriptions. We especially support startups with innovations that promote a more sustainable and greener economy.

Resellers and traders

The enormous variety of scientific instruments and devices available has created thriving communities of traders and resellers within corresponding scientific disciplines and R&D segments. Often, these traders operate each within distinct bubbles that are defined by socio-economical and geographical parameters. One potential reason for this is that many traditional science marketplaces are not designed to facilitate information exchange in between these bubbles, leaving many organisations and areas underserved. To improve on this status quo , QuestPair supports resellers of used equipment and custom-made instruments to promote their items for sale or rent and offers a unique place for experts to seek out new solutions for their ambitions and research goals.

Beyond traditional thinking

In a classic traditional marketplace items can be collected in a shopping cart and subsequently ordered, paid for, and shipped. While this works well for consumables or small straightforward items that require little adaptation or customisation, it is evident that complex instruments often need to be tailor-made and adjusted to the wishes of the customer, requiring additional communication and thus a more flexible design of the marketplace. QuestPair's science marketplace acts as a portal that connects and enables parties to find each other and be the starting point to post and explore cutting-edge scientific instruments that drive innovation and the development of a more sustainable future. It depends on the needs of the supplier which services and products can be complementary to those offered on QuestPair. For larger suppliers, QuestPair can offer analytics services to track the uptake of their instruments within the scientific community. We can also extract insights on how and for which purpose devices are used, which can help to refine target audience. In addition, we can provide marketing services and expert advice to increase visibility and improve sales.