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Multiposition magnetic stirrer MULTISTIRRER 15 digital Velp

Jointlab srl€894.00 
(€1,063.86 incl. VAT* )* - if applicable
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Description by the supplier

Presenting the Multiposition Magnetic Stirrer MULTISTIRRER 15, a digital-edition Velp product.

This elite piece in our digital series is a cutting-edge multi-position stirrer, featuring a digital display for crisp precision in setting stirring speeds, along with a user-friendly timer.


1. Timer: Useful for countdowns leading to automatic shutdown or for reversing rotation, based on the user's preset time interval.

2. Display: Our digital display allows for the exact setting of the stirring speed, with the ability to reach speeds of up to 1500 rpm incrementing in 10 rpm steps.

3. SpeedServo™ System: This guarantees a consistent speed, compensating for variances in viscosity.

4. Worktop: Comprised of stainless steel to provide unrivaled resistance and ease in cleaning.

The MULTISTIRRER Digital maintains a cool temperature even after multiple days of functioning, an essential attribute for work in microbiology and biochemistry. Furthermore, the stirrer can be used for thermostating samples when used in conjunction with a recirculating water bath.

Robust and Practical:

- Our control panel is designed to protect against liquid spills.

- The heavy-duty steel construction is coated with durable epoxy to ensure longevity.

- The low profile design provides a comfortable working height.

- Lightweight construction makes it easy to transfer the stirrer from one place to another.

- This unit is designed to last, reinforced by a three-year warranty.

Key Benefits of the VELP Microstirrer:

- A clear surface enhances visibility for particle observation and color changes.

- Features an intermittent mode for flexibility in scheduling workflows.

- It remains cool, even after prolonged continuous use, making it safe and reliable.

- Capable of thermostating samples through collaboration with a recirculating water bath.

- A perfect fit for microtitration, microbiology, and biochemistry procedures.

- Offers a smooth start-up but quickly achieves the set speed.

- Powered by a single-phase motor, driving the high-power magneto 'PCM' for constant operation.

- Provides a timer range of 1 to 900 minutes, for continuous operation.

- Offers a rotation reversal ranging from 5 to 900 seconds.

Product details
Stirring Speed Range80 - 1500 rpm
Max. stirring volume0.25 liters
Heating plateNo
Position size74 mm
Power W9 W
Weight kg2,1
Plate materialStainless steel
Cloud / Wifi connectionNo
Max. stirring speed1500 rpm
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Multiposition magnetic stirrer MULTISTIRRER 15 digital Velp-cover
Multiposition magnetic stirrer MULTISTIRRER 15 digital Velp

Multiposition magnetic stirrer MULTISTIRRER 15 digital Velp The MULTISTIRRER Digital series is one o (more)f a kind and represents the state of the art of multi-position stirrers, being equipped with both a digital display, in order to be able to precisely set the stirring speed, and a timer. The Timer: used as a countdown with consequent automatic shutdown or for an inversion of the rotation, automatically and based on the time interval pre-set by the user. The display: digital, which allows a precise setting of the stirring speed, reaching the speed of 1500 rpm with 10 rpm steps. SpeedServo™ system: ensures a constant speed even when the viscosity varies (counter-reaction). The worktop: in stainless steel to ensure unparalleled resistance and thorough cleaning. The MULTISTIRRER Digital remain cold even after several days of operation, a highly appreciated feature in microbiology and biochemistry. Samples can also be thermostated by combining the stirrer with a recirculating water bath. ROBUST AND PRACTICAL - The control panel is protected from liquid spills - Heavy duty steel construction with epoxy coating - Stainless steel cover - Very low height - ergonomic - Lightweight, easy to move - Designed for maximum durability and backed by a 3 year warranty THE ADVANTAGES OF THE VELP MICROSTIRRER - Clear surface for viewing particles and color changes - Intermittent mode schedules to suit your workflows - It doesn't get hot, even after days of continuous use - Can thermostat samples using a recirculating water bath - Ideal for microtitration, microbiology and biochemistry - Soft start but quick achievement of the set speed - High power magneto 'PCM' driven by single phase motor for continuous operation - Timer from 1 to 900 minutes; continuously - Rotation reversal: 5 to 900 seconds

€894.00 ex VAT
€1,063.86 incl. VAT if applicable
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AREX 6 magnetic stirrer Velp

AREX 6 by Velp Scientifica The central button activates the heating of the plate only after pressing (more) it, avoiding involuntary switching on. The safety icon informs the operator that the plate is at temperature, preventing possible burns. It will remain illuminated until the temperature is below 50°C. The knobs allow precise speed and temperature regulation with new ergonomics and greater sensitivity. CerAlTop™, High Resistance The CerAlTop™ plate, made of aluminum alloy covered with a ceramic layer, guarantees a homogeneous and fast heat transfer over the entire surface. Furthermore, the thin ceramic layer protects the straightener from scratches and chemicals. UNPRECEDENTED PERFORMANCE The brushless motor allows you to shake up to 20 liters at an adjustable speed from 30 to 1700 rpm. Thanks to the SpeedServo™ system, the speed is kept constant even when the viscosity varies. The Alnico magnet guarantees homogeneous agitation, even in the peripheral areas of the plate and a powerful magnetic coupling between motor and stir bar, a very important aspect when using accessories. MAXIMUM INSTRUMENT PROTECTION AREX 6 is an IP42 product designed to guarantee years of use and resistance in the laboratory. The structure and materials protect the internal parts of the instrument from possible damage. AREX 6 is guaranteed for 3 years. The silicone cover ensures further protection of the instrument from possible spills or splashes. ACCESSORIES OIL BATH AND HEATING MANTELS REPLACED WITH SPHERICAL CAPS The new Spherical Caps are the perfect solution for replacing oil baths and heating mantles. Furthermore, they adapt perfectly to both the 135 mm plate diameter and the shape of the tubes allowing a fast heat transfer from the plate to the tube. To increase protection and reduce thermal dispersion, VELP has designed the new PTFE Covers. GREATER VERSATILITY The MultiAlublock™ and the new MonoAlublock™ made of aluminium, are ideal for carrying out numerous stirring and heating analyses, reducing time and space in the laboratory. - MonoAlublock™ are the ideal solution for all those applications that require analysis in tubes of the same size. - MultiAlublock™ are modular and of different types to support various tube sizes. Thanks to their modularity, it is possible to choose the mix that best suits your needs

€425.00 ex VAT
€505.75 incl. VAT if applicable
OHS 60 Digital VELP rod stirrer-cover
OHS 60 Digital VELP rod stirrer

OHS are designed to ensure the highest safety standards. The resistant sealed case and the IP 54 deg (more)ree of protection guarantee durability over time even in the most aggressive environments. Continuous trouble-free operation in your lab, backed by a 3-year extended warranty. Constant torque at any speed The powerful brushless motor and microprocessor control ensure unprecedented performance, highlighting the difference between a conventional shaft stirrer and VELP OHS Series shaft stirrers. Thanks to the SpeedServo feedback system, the torque remains constant at any speed, even at maximum. Always having a constant torque is a very important parameter for the reproducibility of the analyses. SmartChuck Technology: Inserting or Removing an Auction Has Never Been So Simple! How often do you have to remove or replace the stirring rod using two hands and see the rod drop into the liquid? SmartChuck™ technology makes this activity quick and easy with just one hand and no special accessories. Two simple movements allow you to unlock the protective ring and remove or replace the stirring rod. If the protection ring is opened during the analysis, the instrument interrupts the stirring, showing a safety message on the display. Maximum Protection and Security OHS Advances guarantee the highest safety standards. The IP54 degree of protection ensures maximum protection of the instrument from corrosion and high performance in challenging work environments. The stirring is activated through pressure, avoiding involuntary start-ups and the set speed is reached gradually. The large number of sensors and safety controls deactivate the stirring in case of overload, overheating or short circuit. Integrated Timer to Schedule Your Activities The OHS Digitals are equipped with timers that allow you to program the stirrer according to your needs and to carry out the reactions independently. Setting the timer is quick and easy, just press the dedicated button and select a time interval between 1 min and 99:59 hours. The OHS allow you to choose between two different control panels, Digital or Advanced, to better suit the needs of your laboratory. - Digital: precise speed settings; torque indicator; integrated timer. - Advanced: all information at a glance; intuitive; real-time graphs. Very easy to use and comfortable tools. Intuitive control panel equipped with Smartchuck: operations and rod change with one hand, effortlessly. - Mandrel opening: Ø from 1 to 13 mm - Stirring rod diameter for Pass-Through: up to 8.5mm Velp products guarantee you peace and security within your laboratory. - Safety button clearly visible from the front - IP54 protection - Integrated safety sensors CONTROL PANEL OF OHS DIGITAL MODELS A - 7 Segment Display LED B - Torque indicator bar C - Low speed LED (only OHS 200) D - Gear key (only OHS 200) – Timer key for other models E - High speed LED (only OHS 200) – Timer LED for other models F - Speed control knob G - Timer LED (for OHS 200) - Upper lock LED for other models H - Timer key (for OHS 200) – Lock key for all models I - Lower Lock LED J - Main switch K - Smart chuck

€993.00 ex VAT
€1,181.67 incl. VAT if applicable
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