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Jointlab srl
Milano - Italy
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AREX 5 Digital Velp magnetic stirrer with heating plate

Jointlab srl€388.00 
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Perfectly suited for labs that require meticulous temperature control of samples and utmost repeatability. The AREX 5 Digital magnetic stirrer is an elegantly designed piece of equipment showcasing a dual digital display that ensures lab samples are thermo-regulated with an accuracy of ± 1.0 °C. This precision can be further improved to ± 0.5°C due to the advanced VTF system. Optionally, Pt100 and Pt1000 probes are available.


The AREX 5 Digital Velp model's plate is IP42 certified, composed of an aluminum alloy bound with a ceramic layer, providing it with impeccable resistance against scratches and chemical reactions, making it durable and effortless to clean. It is a preferred choice in labs where various acids, solvents, and bases are in use.

Equipped with safety circuits and overheating protection, optimum operator safety is assured. Two light indicators duly update the user when the heating function is activated. Even post switch-off, a safety notification ('HOT') remains on display until the plate temperature safely descends below 50°C. An additional alarm alerts the user of the probe's presence.

The plate structure and the insulation disk shield the internal components and offer high resilience in the most intensive lab environments and applications, for instance when working with cold fluids (below 0°C).

The AREX 5, like most Velp products, is designed to endure over time and comes with a 3-year guarantee.


With a temperature probe connected, users are provided with a choice between two different temperature control modes to cater to every lab requirement:

- FAST: Ensures a quick reach to the set temperature.

- FINE: Allows a slow and steady reach to the set temperature, minimizing any chance of overshoot.


The AREX 5 is equipped with a robust brushless motor for everyday applications, capable of stirring up to 20 liters (H2O). It also features SpeedServo™ technology, which maintains a constant speed even with varying viscosity of the sample.

The potent brushless motor in combination with the sturdy magnetic coupling ensures thorough stirring, even at the plate's peripheral areas, promising a consistent speed in all positions.


The sleek, innovative, and appealing design ensures both safety and ease during benchtop applications and within lab fume hoods. The front panel's inclination enhances the user experience, while the bright LED display ensures easy readability and constant monitoring of temperature and stirring speed.


The AREX 5 is a perfect solution for temperature sensitive applications across numerous industrial, academic, and research laboratory sectors.


By manipulating the left knob, you can adjust the temperature up to 310°C, while the right knob allows the stirring speed to be set ranging from 50 to 1500 rpm.

1 - Aluminum alloy plate with ceramic coating

2 - Main switch

3 - Speed control knob

4 - Temperature control knob

5 - Display

A - Probe led

B - Temperature setpoint led

The heating plate, fabricated from aluminum and coated with ceramic, offers:

• Optimal heat distribution along with exceptional specific power due to its circular configuration

• Excellent temperature uniformity across the plate

• High resistance against thermal fatigue and thermal shocks

• Incredible resilience to chemical agents and surface abrasions


Product details
Stirring Speed Range50 - 1500 rpm
Max. stirring volume20 liters
Heating plateYes
External dimensions mm L x P x A160x270x85
Position size135 Ø
Power W630 W
SeriesAREX 5
AlarmsActive heating and hot plate indicators.
Weight kg1,4
Supply230 V / 50-60 Hz
Maximum temperature310 °C
Plate materialCeramic coated aluminium
Cloud / Wifi connectionNo
Max. stirring speed1500 rpm
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€1,218.56 incl. VAT if applicable
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