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Scout STX222 Ohaus

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Description by the supplier

Ohaus Scout STX222 Portable Scale with 120mm Diameter Plate

This balance is particularly suited to the demands of both laboratory and industry, promising highly precise results in a conveniently compact design. The easy-to-use, vibrant touchscreen display assures straightforward navigation whilst the sizeable capacity for storage increases its efficiency. Exceptional performance is marked by quick stabilization periods and superior resolution outcomes. This balance also boasts exceptional overload resistance and a range of sophisticated connectivity options.

Applications extends to:

- Weighing: Accurate determination of object weight in the desired measurement unit.

- Piece Counting: Resourceful technique of counting multiple items using a homogenous weight reference.

- Percent Weighing: Analysis of a sample weight, expressed as a percentage of an established reference weight.

- Check Weighing: Assessment of sample weight against predetermined weight limits.

- Dynamic/Animal Weighing: An averaging method utilized for unstable loads.

- Totalization: Capability to measure cumulative weight of multiple items, surpassing the balance capacitative limits.

- Density Determination: Calculation of solid or liquid densities. The balance integrates a weigh below hook, allowing for specific gravity tests on objects incompatible with the weighing pan.

- Display Hold: Feature allowing the last or first highest stable weight value to remain displayed, manually.

- Molar Weighing: Allows for precise weighting and automatic conversion into moles.

The 4.3'' (109 mm) touchscreen display is equipped with VGA color graphics resolution and adjustable brightness settings. Powered by a supplied adapter or optional batteries, it comes with a low battery indicator and programmable automatic shutdown feature for energy efficiency. Communication options include RS232, USB host, USB device, Ethernet, or Bluetooth®.

In terms of construction, this balance features an ABS housing, a stainless steel deck, an ABS draft shield (for 1mg models), weigh below hook, transport lock, manual calibration lock switch, safety slot, stabilizing feet, and front illuminated level indicator. Additionally, a stability indicator, stackable design with storage cover (excluding 1mg models), mechanical and software protection against overload and underload, battery life indicator, automatic shutdown, automatic tare, and calibration mass for models with a capacity of over 620 grams add to its robust set of features.

Product details
External dimensions mm L x P x A224x202x54
Control panelColor display touchscreen
Position size120
Weight kg1 Kg
SupplyAC adapter (included); 4 AA (LR6) batteries (not included)
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