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OHS 200 Advance Overhead Stirrer VELP

Jointlab srl€1,725.00 
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Description by the supplier

Formulated for the best defense and durability in any lab setting, the OHS Advance ensures industry-leading safety standards.

- Its robust, water-resistant casing and IP 54 protection rating ensure resilient operation under even the harshest environmental conditions.

- Built-in safety alerts for overload, over-temperature, and over-current safeguard system performance by automatically ceasing agitation.

- Accident-proof functioning is assured through the stop-start knob and locking key, eliminating unintentional operations and changes in working conditions.

- With varying sensitivity levels, the inbuilt vibration sensor halts operations and alerts you, ensuring your OHS platform's stability and proper installation.

Dependable operational consistency is guaranteed, backed by a comprehensive 3-year extended warranty.

Setting performance benchmarks, the OHS 200 Advance offers a perfect solution for tough applications dealing with viscosities up to 100,000 mPa. The device houses an electronically controlled brushless motor that allows for agitation up to 100 l (H2O) with a maximum torque of 200 Ncm, ensuring unremitting durability.

Supplemented by SpeedServoTM torque compensation technology, resulting in constant speed, which adeptly adjust to shifts in viscosity. The OHS 100 Advance offers an electronic speed controller from 30 to 1300 rpm.

Maintaining steady torque at any speed, the powerful brushless motor and microprocessor control offer unparalleled performance, thereby distinguishing the VELP OHS Series rod stirrers from conventional rod stirrers. Consistent torque is a crucial factor in achieving reproducible analyses.

The SmartChuck technology revolutionizes the classic process of stirring rod insertion or replacement. Removing or replacing the stirring rod becomes effortless with this technology, allowing for one-handed operation without the need for any special tools.

The control panel of the OHS Advance is user-friendly and precise. The 3.5” TFT display guides you in setting your work conditions accurately, hence enabling reproducible results and displays real-time information on viscosity variation with a resolution of 1 Ncm. Interact with the OHS Advance through the real-time graph detailing speed, torque, and temperature of your experiment.

The OHS Advance comes with integrated heat control, being equipped with a Pt100 temperature probe. Monitor reaction temperature and adjust the settings to slow or cease operation when reaching preset temperature - ideal for preventing exothermic reactions from interfering with your experiments!

Embrace the convenience of OHS Advance's connectivity features. Be it through Wi-Fi connection to VELP Ermes or via USB, the OHS Advance is the only rod stirrer offering advanced process control and monitoring.

The VELP Ermes cloud platform enables interacting with the OHS Advance from any PC, smartphone, or tablet. With its intuitive web interface, activate agitation, set timers or predefined methods, and share or download reports with ease.

For application in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and life science sectors, the platform ensures secure OHS Advance operation in clean rooms or other regulated environments, without extensive security procedures. For labs unable to benefit from cloud services, VELP offers the OHS / CotrollerSoftTM software as a prominent substitute, providing USB connectivity.

The OHS models offer a choice between two different control panels, digital or advanced, depending on your laboratory needs.

- Digital: Precise velocity settings; torque display; built-in timer.

- Advanced: Comprehensive information display; intuitive interface; real-time charts.

Easily operatable, the tools are also comfortable to use, with an intuitive control panel equipped with SmartChuck. Make simple adjustments or stirrer rod replacements with just one hand.

- Mandrel opening: Ø from 1 to 13 mm

- Stirring rod diameter for pass-through: up to 8.5mm

VELP products prioritise peace and safety within your laboratory with a safety button located on the front device, reinforced by IP54 protection and integrated safety sensors.


A - LCD Display

B - Display Buttons

C - Stirring Speed Knob

D - Lock Key

E - Power Switch

F - Smart Chuck

Product details
Stirring Speed Range6 - 400 / 30 - 2000 rpm
Max. stirring volume100 liters
External dimensions mm L x P x A90x235x315
Control panelGraphic TFT Coloured Display
VariousIP 54
Torque max.200
Viscosity max.100.000 mPa*s
Weight kg4,6
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OHS 100 Digital Overhead stirrer VELP-cover
OHS 100 Digital Overhead stirrer VELP

OHS are designed to ensure the highest safety standards. The resistant sealed case and the IP 54 deg (more)ree of protection guarantee durability over time even in the most aggressive environments. Continuous trouble-free operation in your lab, backed by a 3-year extended warranty. Constant torque at any speed The powerful brushless motor and microprocessor control ensure unprecedented performance, highlighting the difference between a conventional shaft stirrer and VELP OHS Series shaft stirrers. Thanks to the SpeedServo feedback system, the torque remains constant at any speed, even at maximum. Always having a constant torque is a very important parameter for the reproducibility of the analyses. SmartChuck Technology: Inserting or Removing an Auction Has Never Been So Simple! How often do you have to remove or replace the stirring rod using two hands and see the rod drop into the liquid? SmartChuck™ technology makes this activity quick and easy with just one hand and no special accessories. Two simple movements allow you to unlock the protective ring and remove or replace the stirring rod. If the protection ring is opened during the analysis, the instrument interrupts the stirring, showing a safety message on the display. Maximum Protection and Security OHS Advances guarantee the highest safety standards. The IP54 degree of protection ensures maximum protection of the instrument from corrosion and high performance in challenging work environments. The stirring is activated through pressure, avoiding involuntary start-ups and the set speed is reached gradually. The large number of sensors and safety controls deactivate the stirring in case of overload, overheating or short circuit. Integrated Timer to Schedule Your Activities The OHS Digitals are equipped with timers that allow you to program the stirrer according to your needs and to carry out the reactions independently. Setting the timer is quick and easy, just press the dedicated button and select a time interval between 1 min and 99:59 hours. The OHS allow you to choose between two different control panels, Digital or Advanced, to better suit the needs of your laboratory. - Digital: precise speed settings; torque indicator; integrated timer. - Advanced: all information at a glance; intuitive; real-time graphs. Very easy to use and comfortable tools. Intuitive control panel equipped with Smartchuck: operations and rod change with one hand, effortlessly. - Mandrel opening: Ø from 1 to 13 mm - Stirring rod diameter for Pass-Through: up to 8.5mm Velp products guarantee you peace and security within your laboratory. - Safety button clearly visible from the front - IP54 protection - Integrated safety sensors CONTROL PANEL OF OHS DIGITAL MODELS A - 7 Segment Display LED B - Torque indicator bar C - Low speed LED (only OHS 200) D - Gear key (only OHS 200) – Timer key for other models E - High speed LED (only OHS 200) – Timer LED for other models F - Speed control knob G - Timer LED (for OHS 200) - Upper lock LED for other models H - Timer key (for OHS 200) – Lock key for all models I - Lower Lock LED J - Main switch K - Smart chuck

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