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Jointlab srl
Milano - Italy
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LS rod agitator with complete system, VELP

Jointlab srl€876.00 
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Description by the supplier

Package Contents Include:

- F201A0151 LS Rod Stirrer 110-230 V / 50-60 Hz +/- 10%

- A00001366 Universal H-Stand

- A00001301 Double Clamp for Stand

- A00001306 Stirring Rod with Fixed Blades, Stainless Steel

Powerful and Forceful Agitation:

Our robust rod stirrers are capable of handling even the most demanding substances, promising a smooth initiation and vigorous stirring at peak speed! Velp's LS can easily achieve speeds of up to 2000 rpm, making it perfect for volumes of up to 25 liters and medium viscosities, with a maximum of 25,000 mPa*s.

Easy-to-Use Spindle Locking and Enhanced Safety:

Our state-of-the-art spindle locking system is both simple and convenient, requiring no specialized tools and allowing for the use of various rod models, up to 10mm in diameter. VELP Scientifica solutions are designed for intuitiveness and ease-of-use, equipped with advanced safety features like overload and over-temperature protection. All models operate in accordance with IP 40.

Extended Durability:

Our equipment is meticulously crafted to provide extensive instrument longevity under strenuous operating conditions. The structure shields the motor from any harmful liquids and vapors, preventing inner corrosion. The robust motor ensures sustained operation over time, with no extra maintenance costs.

Technopolymer Structure Resistance:

The unique technopolymer structure of VELP Scientifica rod stirrers provides unmatched chemical resistance and easy maneuverability, making them among the lightest on the market. Compact and hardwearing, they optimally utilize counter space.

Overhead Stirrer DLH's Video:

Available Models:

Available Stirring Rods:

For increased adaptability, select from different control types, digital or analog.

- Digital: Easily monitor set speed, actual speed, torque, and timer.

- Analog: Offering power and precision, analog controls are cost-effective.

With their simple keys, clear graphics, and intuitive design, our equipment is user-friendly from the first use.

Experience security and ease of mind in your laboratory with every Velp apparatus. Safety features include:

- Overload and overheating protection

- Intuitive spindle locking system, accommodating up to 10mm rod diameter

Compact and Lightweight Design:

Optimize your laboratory bench space with our compact and lightweight equipment.

Notable Features:

- Durable Technopolymer Structure

- IP40 Protection

Product details
Stirring Speed Range50 - 2000 rpm
Max. stirring volume25 liters
External dimensions mm L x P x A
Control panelAnalog control
Power W120W
Torque max.40
Viscosity max.25.000 mPa*s
Weight kg2,3
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€3,099.95 incl. VAT if applicable
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