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Lab Oven Smart SLW 53 POL-EKO

Jointlab srl€1,560.00 
(€1,856.40 incl. VAT* )* - if applicable
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Description by the supplier


Introducing the SLW series of laboratory ovens, meticulously designed to achieve impressive high temperatures up to 300 °C. With a broad volume capacity range from 15 to 1000 liters, these robust ovens integrate cutting-edge control systems, superior grade materials, and exceptional performance metrics.

Features like the expansive touchscreen, advanced programming, alarms, security locks, and a top-grade stainless steel interior form a fraction of what this exceptional series offers.


With the SMART control panel, experience a seamless user interface that is visually intuitive and extremely user-friendly - akin to operating your personal smartphone. The advanced touch screen is highly responsive and latex-glove friendly. With its pervasive display, key information such as temperature values are easily discernible from any angle, irrespective of light intensity.


- 4.3" high-resolution full-color touch screen

- USB and LAN ports for seamless data transfer

- Comprehensive multi-segment time and temperature programs

- Incorporation of 255-time loop functionality or continual loop option

- Modifiable start delay feature

- Adjustable temperature ramps

- Record of minimum, average, and maximum temperature for each program segment

- Display of set and current parameters during operation

- Option to prioritize temperature or time mode

- User-definable temperature calibration

- Control system to manage power interruptions

- Integrated visual and auditory alarms

- Internal memory for program and data storage

- Event registry

- User manual available for direct download


Infused with resilience, the SLW SMART series demonstrates longevity and top performance. POL-EKO ovens signify a prudent investment, aligning with the long-term objectives of your laboratory and ensuring accurate and repeatable results for years to come.

Constructed with advanced materials and equipped with essential accessories, the SLW SMART laboratory ovens offer a comprehensive, ready-to-use solution.


- Graphite periphery with coating of iron sheet

- Stainless steel interior

- Insulated and lockable door

- Electrical safety grading of class 2.0 and 3.1 (DIN 12880) as an optional feature

- Stainless steel shelves

- Integrated USB and LAN ports

- Open door alarm feature

- Port access for an external sensor

- Rear air-flap

- Exhaustive quality control protocol at +105°C


The SLW series, with its repertoire of 10 models, caters to a wide array of needs, from a mini oven to a large, 1000 liter volume model.


Refine your laboratory oven with a range of dependable accessories offered by POL-EKO. These enhancements allow the oven to be tailored to unique applications, and equip it with advanced safety systems and connectivity features. Options include perforated shelves, stainless steel basins, LabDesk software, calibration and qualification according to IQ OQ PQ, overtemperature protection as per DIN 12880, backup battery for display under power failures, LAN cables, non-standard 20mm access doors, and additional 30mm access doors.

Product details
Temperature °C+5°C over AT to 300°C
External dimensions mm L x P x A590 x 620 x 710
Internal dimensions mm L x P x A400 x 360 x 390
Control panelColor display touchscreen
Shelves and drawers2 shelves (5 max.)
TimerMultifunction timer
Safety class2
Internal volume lt56
Power W1700 W
Warranty12 month ex works. 24 months for spare parts.
Readability0,1 °C
MaterialsAcid-resistant stainless steel interior; powder-coated sheet metal exterior
Weight kg48
Supply230 V / 50-60 Hz
Maximum temperature300 °C
Temperature fluctuation (in time)+/- 0,2 @ 105°C
Temperature variation (in space)+/- 2,0 @ 105°C
Air convectionForced
Port for external sensorØ 30 mm
Air flapØ 40 mm
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€3,272.50 incl. VAT if applicable
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€2,450.00 ex VAT
general laboratory equipment other
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