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Jointlab srl
Milano - Italy
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Guardian 5000 Ohaus

Jointlab srl€534.00 
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Description by the supplier

Enhance your lab's efficiency with the Guardian 5000 Series stirrers, meticulously crafted for increased safety and superior performance.

Significant Ohaus features include:

- The SafetyHeat System, an industry front-runner, integrates two independent safety controllers that continuously survey the electronics and deactivate the heating rather than allowing potential overheating.

- A potent and steady agitation performance is provided by a robust motor, backed by magnetic technology and software-adjusted ramp rate, making accurate stirring achievable at speeds ranging from 60 to 1600 rpm, even for high-viscosity applications.

- The easily legible LCD display comprises incorporated temperature and speed parameters, instinctive icons, and a ‘hot top’ warning system.

- SmartHousing ensures enhanced chemical resistance and a refreshing, easy-to-clean design with channels for liquid spill drainage.

Adaptable models include:

- Model e-G51HP07C: 178x178mm plate, 15-litre flow rate, ceramic plate, and heat scalability up to 500°C.

- Model e-G51HS07C: entails added stirring action up to 1600rpm.

- Model e-G51HS10C: upgraded plate size of 254x254mm and a flow rate of 18 litres.

- Model e-G51HSRDM: retains the flow rate, includes an aluminum plate with a diameter of 135mm, and heat tolerance of 380°C.

- Model e-G51ST07C: incorporates stirring functionality up to 1600rpm.

Valid applications comprise boiling water, water/oil bath formation, reagent, dissolution buffer, and sample preparation, and concentration.

LCD display – Illuminated backlit display indicating temperature and speed; green color indicates active stirring and heating, individualized hot light, probe utilization icon, single-point calibration symbol.

Stirring capacity between 60 to 1600 rpm, with an ambient temperature threshold from +5°C to 500°C (ceramic top) or 380°C (aluminum top). It includes a power cord and the stirring models individually have a 1.5" (3.8cm) coated stir bar in PTFE incorporated.

Construction features a probe connector, with SmartHousing™ being cool to touch, chemically resistant, and IP21 rated. Also has control knobs, sodium vapor lamp, integrated rod holder, and cleansed ceramic or aluminum tops.

Characteristics encompass hot light, audible warning, SafetyHeat™ disconnection in case of heating disruptions, in addition to a temperature calibration function for three probes and three platen setpoints.

Product details
Stirring Speed Range60 - 1600 rpm
Max. stirring volume20 liters
Heating plateYes
VariousTUV safety certification
Maximum temperature500 °C
Plate materialCeramic
Cloud / Wifi connectionNo
Max. stirring speed1600 rpm
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