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LabMakelaar Benelux B.V.
Zevenhuizen - Netherlands
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Gas mouse

LabMakelaar Benelux B.V.
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Gas mouse 350 ml complete, as seen in the photo. Never used. For collecting gaseous substances.

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OHS 60 Advance Overhead Stirrer VELP-cover
OHS 60 Advance Overhead Stirrer VELP

Safety and resistance for your laboratory OHS advance is designed to guarantee the highest safety st (more)andards. - The durable watertight housing and IP 54 protection rating ensure durability even in the most aggressive environments. - Built-in safety alarms for overload, over temperature and over current will maintain performance over time by stopping agitation - The safe operation of the start and stop knob and the lock key prevent unintentional starts and changes in working conditions. - The built-in vibration sensor with different sensitivity levels will stop the operation and inform you to make sure your OHS is stable and properly fixed. Continuous operation guaranteed and supported by a 3 year extended warranty. First-class performance OHS Advance is the ideal solution for demanding applications operating with viscosities up to 50,000 mPa. The electronically controlled brushless motor of the OHS 60 Advance agitates up to 40 l (H2O) with a maximum torque of 60 Ncm and guarantees maximum durability. SpeedServoTM torque compensation technology maintains constant speed by automatically adapting to changes in viscosity. Set the OHS 60 Advance electronic speed control from 30 to 2000 rpm. Constant Torque at Any Speed The powerful brushless motor and microprocessor control ensure unprecedented performance, highlighting the difference between a conventional rod stirrer and VELP OHS Series rod stirrers. The torque remains constant at any speed, even at maximum. Having a constant torque is a very important parameter for the reproducibility of the analyzes. SmartChuck Technology: Inserting or Removing an Auction Has Never Been So Simple! How often do you have to remove or replace the stirring rod using two hands and see the rod fall into the liquid? SmartChuck ™ technology makes this activity quick and easy with the use of one hand and without special accessories. Two simple movements allow you to unlock the protection ring and remove or replace the stirring rod. In the event that the protection ring is opened during the analysis, the instrument stops shaking, showing a safety message on the display. Intuitive and precise control panel The intuitive 3.5 ”OHS Advance TFT display will guide you to precisely set your working conditions and achieve reproducible results. Show key information at a glance. Real-time information on viscosity variation with a resolution of 1 Ncm. Interact with OHS Advance from the real-time graph showing speed, torque and temperature of your test. The OHS Advance works without surveillance thanks to the timer that can be set from 1min to 99.59h. Ideal operating methods can be defined and programmed for demanding tasks where ramps and interval operations are required. Temperature under control OHS Advance is supplied with a Pt100 temperature probe included in the package. Constantly monitor the temperature of your reaction and set the meter to slow down or stop activity if the temperature reaches a defined value. This is important when you want to prevent exothermic reactions from interfering with your analysis! THE BENEFITS OF OHS ADVANCE CONNECTIVITY The OHS Advance is the only rod stirrer to offer the ability to control and monitor processes via Wi-Fi connection to VELP Ermes and via USB. The VELP Ermes cloud platform allows you to control the OHS Advance from PC, smartphone and tablet through a simple and intuitive web interface. With this platform designed by VELP it is possible to activate the shaking, set a timer, set a method (among those saved on the device), download and share reports with a click. For applications in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life science sectors, VELP Ermes can manage OHS Advance localized in clean rooms or other controlled environments, without the need for lengthy safety procedures. With the OHS / CotrollerSoftTM software, VELP offers the possibility to all laboratories that cannot benefit from cloud services, a valid alternative with USB connectivity. The OHS allow you to choose between two different control panels, Digital or Advanced, to better suit the needs of your laboratory. - Digital: precise speed settings; torque indicator; integrated timer. - Advanced: all information at a glance; intuitive; real-time graphs. Very easy to use and comfortable tools. Intuitive control panel equipped with Smartchuck: operations and rod change with one hand, effortlessly. - Mandrel opening: Ø from 1 to 13 mm - Stirring rod diameter for Pass-Through: up to 8.5mm Velp products guarantee you peace and security within your laboratory. - Safety button clearly visible from the front - IP54 protection - Integrated safety sensors CONTROL PANEL OF OHS ADVANCE MODELS A - LCD display B - Display keys C - Stirring speed kond D - Lock key E - Main switch F - Smart Chuck

€1,226.00 ex VAT
€1,458.94 incl. VAT if applicable
general laboratory equipment other
Constant Systems CF1 Cell Disruptor Continuous Flow Processing 6L/h 40kpsi (2016)-cover
Constant Systems CF1 Cell Disruptor Continuous Flow Processing 6L/h 40kpsi (2016)

Hersteller: Constant Systems Modell: CF1 Beschreibung: Mit einer Fläche von ca. 700 mm² ist das CF1  (more)klein genug, um bei Bedarf auf einer Werkbank montiert zu werden, eignet sich aber am besten für den Einsatz auf seinem maßgeschneiderten Wagen. Der CF1-Wagen sorgt dafür, dass sich das Gerät in optimaler Arbeitshöhe befindet, und ist auf schwenk- und feststellbaren Rollen montiert, die bei Bedarf eine sichere und freie Bewegung des Geräts ermöglichen. Der CF1 wird für die Verarbeitung von Volumina im Bereich von 15 ml bis 10 l empfohlen. Für die Verarbeitung größerer Volumina in diesem Bereich kann das CF1 mit einer integrierten peristaltischen Pumpe angeboten werden, die vollständig über die HMI gesteuert wird und sicherstellt, dass das Einlassreservoir kontinuierlich gefüttert wird, während die Probe rezirkuliert wird, um ein Absetzen zu vermeiden, bis die gesamte Probe verarbeitet ist. Kernmerkmale: - Einfach, schnell und leicht zu bedienen - Kein Bedarf an Druckluft oder Flaschengas, nur ein Standard-Stromanschluss erforderlich - Das Gerät muss vor dem Gebrauch nicht entlüftet oder gespült werden. Jegliche Luft im System wird einfach verarbeitet, ohne die Probe oder das Gerät zu beeinträchtigen - Die Konstruktion umfasst eine Edelstahlwanne zum Auffangen versehentlicher Verschüttungen - Der Unterbrechungsdruck wird digital angezeigt und lässt sich einfach und genau zwischen 1-40 kpsi einstellen - Kann flüssige, resuspendierte, viskose, Gewebe-, Pflanzen- und gefrorene Probenarten verarbeiten Technische Daten: Prozessvolumen: max. 10 L Totvolumen: 1 mL (0,3-0,5 mL mit OneShot Head Adapter OSHA) Minimales Volumen: 10 mL (1mL mit OSHA) Zyklen: 100 mL/min Druck: bis zu 2700 bar (40.000 PSI) Probenart Flüssigkeit: (OSHA) Feste Düse: ja Probenkühlung: ja (optional) Druckluft erforderlich: nein Abmessungen: (H x B x T) 74 x 70 x 62,5 cm Gewicht: 110-130 kg Das Gerät befindet sich in einem absoluten Top Zustand und wurde 100%  auf Funktion geprüft.

€12,500.00 ex VAT
€14,875.00 incl. VAT if applicable
general laboratory equipment other
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