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Freezer F700 B Medical Systems

Jointlab srl
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Description by the supplier

The B Medical Systems Laboratory Freezer blends cutting-edge design with optimal user comfort. This state-of-the-art research appliance boasts a 7” touchscreen integrated into the door handle to exhibit temperature readings easily. Its design encourages minimal ice accumulation, facilitating uncomplicated defrosting. Access to the storage room is safeguarded by either an NFC card or password-controlled door lock mechanism, ensuring the security of your sensitive materials. Data extraction becomes seamless with a built-in USB port and SD card slot. Notably, it carries a durable framework assembled from superior stainless steel alongside other sturdy materials.

The finely calibrated temperature control ensures uniform and stable cold distribution around the clock. The swift recovery time post frequent door openings guarantees temperature stability. The intelligent automatic defrost technology maintains a steady temperature during the defrost cycle. The system efficiently reduces heat transmission by deactivating the evaporator fans each time the door is opened. It remains operational for extended periods even during power outages. To avoid any disruption, it is fortified with an audiovisual alarm system with remote data transmission capacity via SMS or email.

Striking a balance between high cooling efficiency and eco-friendly performance, the appliance utilizes a natural coolant compliant with US SNAP and EU F-Gas regulations. It is equipped with insulated interior doors, sealed gaskets, and an enhanced frame to reduce cold air loss and hinder heat conduction. Moreover, frost prevention technology lowers the workload on the compressor.

Adhering to standards set for eco-friendly research appliances, it features a stainless-steel structure fitted with an antibacterial coating. The injected polyurethane foam offers commendable thermal insulation and storage capacity.

While the B Medical Systems "Precision Line" Series offers multifunctional electronic components including a thorough alarm system, set-point safety, and battery backup, the "Premium Line" Series offers patented ergonomic handles and a unique interior shape. The electronics are compatible with the °B Connected solution for real-time monitoring and data logging.

Please refer to the comprehensive technical sheet available for download in Italian or English for further details.

Product details
Temperature °C-41...-20
External dimensions mm L x P x A992 x 1039 x 1988
Internal dimensions mm L x P x A740 x 738 x 1173
Control panelColor display touchscreen
Internal capacity791 / 641 liters Gross / Net
Shelves and drawers5 Wire Shelves
Power W1300W
Climate classSN-T from +10°C to +43°C
Net internal capacity636
Type of refrigerantR290
Absorption7.4 (kWh/24h)
Weight kg319
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