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Vortex VXMNFS Ohaus

Jointlab srl€265.00 
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Description by the supplier

Ohaus Mini Vortex Mixers:

The OHAUS series of miniature vortex mixers comes in four versatile models that guarantee reliable, gentle, and high-velocity blending operations: fixed speed, analog, digital, and pulse models.

Fixed Speed: This is an economical selection providing vigorous, high-speed, one-touch mixing for consistent applications.

Analog Control: With this model, you can alter the speed according to your preference when precision is not a necessity. It features an adjustable control knob with graduation marks from 1-10.

Digital Control: Offering easily adjustable and highly precise speed controls, this model is ideal for achieving consistent outcomes. It features an LED display for speed and time, coupled with buttons for modifying initial values.

Pulse Vortex: This model provides pulse action that lowers heat build-up, ensuring effective cell blending and fractionation. It integrates an LED display for speed and time with buttons for modifying preset values and impulse control.

Tactile mode activates mixing upon pressing the cupped head, while in continuous mode, accessories can be employed. The durable and secure framework guarantees the unit stays in place while in use.

The robust digital and analog vortex mixers offer effective speed control, ranging from a gentle low-rpm start to high-velocity vortex mixing of samples.


These mixers are ideal for resuspending fluids, blending reagents, buffers and emulsions, conducting ELISA tests, performing drug extractions, and mixing samples.


The digital models offer independent LED displays with speed and time data. Analog models feature clearly marked knobs for variable speed control.


Each unit comes with a detachable three-wire cable and plug.

Structural Design:

Each mixer offers an accessory platform of roughly 7cm with a cuphead suitable for beakers, flasks, test tubes, etc. The pulse models come equipped with a holder for 12 stainless steel microtubes.

Construction Highlights:

The digital models integrate a microchip control that maintains the set speed for constant blending.

If you're unable to decide on a mixer type, consult the Vortex Shaker Selection Guide for a comprehensive overview of all available models.

Product details
Stirring Speed Range2500 rpm
External dimensions mm L x P x A210 x 123 x 165
Consumption135 W
Warranty24 months
VariousCE, TUV safety certification
Absorption0,6 A
Weight kg4,4
Supply230 V, 50/60 Hz
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Drying Oven Smart SLW 400 POL-EKO-cover
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LABORATORY OVEN SLW SMART POL-EKO SLW - FORCED AIR CONVECTION The SLW series laboratory ovens are de (more)signed to reach high temperatures, up to 300 °C. Available from 15 to 1000 liters with latest generation control, quality materials and top-class performances. Large touchscreen, programming, alarms, lock, stainless steel interior are just a small part of what you will find below! Continue reading and you will be amazed. ABSOLUTE CONTROL The SMART control panel is among the most complete you can find on the market. Large symbols and temperature values ​​guarantee comfortable and clear reading, combined with disarming ease of use, just like your smartphone. The latest generation touch screen responds to commands even if touched with latex gloves and is equipped with a large display: all values ​​are perfectly readable from any angle, regardless of the intensity of the light. DO YOU KNOW THE ADVANTAGES OF AN ADVANCED CONTROLLER LIKE THE SMART PANEL? - 4,3", clear, full colour touch screen - USB and LAN ports for data transfer - multi-segment time and temperature programs - loop function up to 255 times or endless - adjustable start delay feature - adjustable ramps - recording of min, average and max temperature value for each segment - overview of set and current parameters while operating - operating in temperature or time priority mode - fan speed control in the range of 0 … 100% or 10% … 100% (depending on the chamber capacity) - temperature sensor fail alarm - possibility of temperature calibration by the User - power failure control system (program continued after restoring power) - visual and sound alarm - internal memory for programs and data storage - operating with gloves on - event registry - user manual for direct download QUALITY FIRST Resistant. Durable. POL-EKO ovens are designed and built to guarantee the best performance. They are a smart purchase, for customers who want to invest in the future of their laboratory. By choosing these products you will have precise results for years and years, repeatable and in complete comfort. The SLW SMART series ovens are built with the best materials and equipped with the most important accessories, to give you a complete and ready-to-use standard product. - Powder coated sheet metal structure (graphite front panel) - Stainless steel interior - Insulated door with lock - Protection class 2.0 - Protection class 3.1 (DIN 12880) as option → - Stainless steel shelves - USB port for downloading recording data, events, manuals, service - LAN port - Open door alarm - Access port for external sensor - Rear air-flap - Quality control protocol (at +105°C) SLW SMART SERIES The 10 models of the SLW series cover most of your needs: from mini oven to the 1000 liter internal volume model. DETAILS AND ACCESSORIES Every detail of your POL-EKO models is designed to make routine work as simple and comfortable as possible. Below, the front and rear view of the models. 1 - Rating plate 2 - Access port ø30mm for external sensor 3 - Internal glass door (for incubator models) 4 - Adjustable feet 5 - Shelf 6 - External solid door 7 - Temperature sensors 8 - Open door sensor 9 - Touch control panel 10 - USB port 11 - Handle with key lock 1 - Main switch 2 - Connector for connecting a hose with nitrogen (only for SLWN models) 3 - Air-flap 4 - LAN port 5 - Fuse 6 - Main power socket C20 OPTIONS POL-EKO allows you to increase the possibilities of your oven with quality accessories; to better adapt to particular applications or to equip the instrument with safety systems and advanced connections. - Stainless steel shelf - Perforated shelf - Stainless steel basins - LabDesk software - IQ OQ PQ calibration and qualification - Overtemperature protection class 3.1 according to DIN 12880 - Backup battery for the display in case of power failure - Clean contact - LAN cable - Non-standard 20mm access door - Additional 30 mm access door

€5,151.08 ex VAT
€6,129.79 incl. VAT if applicable
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