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Cooled Incubator SMART ILW 750 POL-EKO

Jointlab srl€9,640.00 
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Designed for precision, the ILW laboratory incubators are ideally suited for microbiological tests, offering a consistent and secure environment for sample incubation within any lab setting. These units ensure an unwavering temperature range between 0°C and 70°C. Please note, for units operating at a set point <=5°C, the purchase of ILW PLUS featuring automatic defrosting function is recommended to avoid icing. Additionally, available options include versions reaching -10°C, and the SMART PRO upgrade which extends the heating capability up to +100°C.

These incubators feature a large touch display, alarm function, lock, and easy-to-clean stainless steel interiors for user-friendly operation. Precision and repeatability are further enhanced through programming with time and temperature profiles.

Smart Control Panel offers:

- High-resolution 4.3' color touch screen

- Efficient data transfer via LAN or USB

- Quick, multi-segment time and temperature programming

- Interactive visual and audible alarms with colored bar display

- Integrated memory for program and data storage

- User guide directly downloadable from the controller

- Loop function up to 255 times or infinite

- Usability even with latex gloves

- Recording of minimum, average, and maximum temperature values for each segment

- Overview of set and real-time parameters during operation

- Operation in temperature or time priority mode

- And much more

The POL-EKO's commitment to quality ensures durable incubators built to deliver optimal performance. The ILW SMART series incubators are constructed using premium-quality materials and equipped with vital accessories for a ready-to-use standard product.

Features include:

- Dual-paneled door: Solid exterior, interior glass

- Acid-resistant stainless steel interior complying to DIN 1.4301

- Insulated door with lock

- Protection classes 2.0 and optional 3.3 (DIN 12880)

- Stainless steel shelves

- USB port for data retrieval, event recording, manuals, service

- LAN port, Open door alarm

- External sensor port

- Specialized models: FOT (SMART version) and FIT (SMART PRO version)

POL-EKO offers five models of refrigerated incubators in the ILW series with capacities ranging from 56 to 749 liters. Forced air version only.

Unit Details and Accessories:

Front 1 - Rating plate, 2 - External sensor port, 3 - Interior glass door, 4 - Shelf, 5 - Condenser housing, 6 - Solid exterior door, 7 - Temperature sensor, 8 - Ventilation, 9 - Door open sensor, 10 - Touch screen control panel, 11 - USB port, 12 - Lockable handle.

Rear 1 - Main switch, 2 - Adjustable feet, 3 - LAN port, 4 - Fuse, 5 - Main power socket C20.


Upgrade your POL-EKO incubator with high-quality accessories like door with viewing window, perforated shelves, stainless steel basins, interior light, lab desk software, calibration and qualification, backup battery for display during power failure, dry alarm contact, LAN cable, non-standard 20/60/100 mm access door, an additional 30mm access door and more.

Product details
Temperature °C0...+70
External dimensions mm L x P x A1260 x 890 x 1910
Internal dimensions mm L x P x A1040 x 600 x 1200
Control panelColor touchscreen SMART
Shelves and drawers5 shelves (16 max.)
TimerMultifunction timer
Safety class2
Internal volume lt749
Power W1900 W
Warranty12 month ex works. 24 months for spare parts.
Readability0,1 °C
Cooling tecnologyCompressor
VariousDouble door: internal glass; full exterior
MaterialsAcid-resistant stainless steel interior; powder-coated sheet metal exterior
Weight kg256
Supply230 V / 50-60 Hz
Temperature fluctuation (in time)+/- 0.2 @ 37°C
Temperature variation (in space)+/- 0.3 @ 37°C
Air convectionForced
Port for external sensorØ 30 mm
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United Kingdom
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baths or circulators
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