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Iris Calculator
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Iris Diaphragm Design Software

Iris Calculator€60.00 (ex VAT)
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Design and make an iris diaphragm, effortlessly!

1 year access to our online design software tool, for helping design and make mechanical iris diaphragm apertures quickly and precisely.

Iris Calculator enables you to instantly determine the feasibility of an iris diaphragm design. By eliminating all the work involved in creating CAD or vector drawings of the mechanism, you can alter and refine your design on the fly - safe in the knowledge that each iteration will function perfectly.

Dimensions for the blade array geometry, actuator ring, and housing are all calculated in software from the the initial dimensions you specify - along with minimum and maximum apertures - allowing you to review your design and components with ease.

Simply enter any dimensions you know and the rest will be calculated for you!


Rapidly assess design solutions, then export the DXF iris template for use in your CAD or vector application. React quicker, and more efficiently when designing custom-sized iris diaphragms.

- Interactive animated iris design

- Component layer visibility

- DXF file export

- Dynamically drawn with dimensions

- Mathematically solved design

- Software powered by industry tested design engine

- Rotational movement calculated

Learn more at iris-calculator.com

About Iris Calculator

Iris Calculator is an independent iris diaphragm design and manufacturing service. We provide iris design software, as well as variable aperture solutions for optical, photonics, and fluid dynamic projects.


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