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Laboport N 96 KNF diaphragm vacuum pump

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Description by the supplier

KNF's Laboport N 96

Experience ultimate performance and resilience with the Laboport N 96 from KNF— a compact, chemically-resistant diaphragm vacuum pump constructed for maximum portability. It features an oil-free operation for clean, secure vacuum generation. Easy manual adjustability is facilitated through a convenient knob offering control over pump capacity.

Laboport includes PTFE/TFM pump heads, a gas ballast, PTFE lined diaphragms, and FFPM valves to effectively manage a broad spectrum of laboratory applications. Given its robustness, the N 96 is notably successful in handling aggressive or corrosive gases and vapours.

Technical Specifications:

- Max Flow Rate: 7 l/min

- Max Final Vacuum: 130 mbar (abs)

- Max Pressure: 2.5 bar (rel)

- Permissible Fluid Temperature Range: 5-40 °C

- Valve Material: FKM

- Diaphragm Material: PTFE coated

- Pump Head Material: PPS

Use Applications:

- Fluid Suction

- Filtration

- Solid Phase Extraction

Qualitative Features:

- 100% Oil-Free Transfer: Provides clean and secure transfer, evacuation, and compression of gases.

- Compact Design: Offers a minimal footprint for maximum operational accessibility.

- PTFE Coated Diaphragm: Ideal for handling aggressive/octane agents, gases, and corrosive vapours.

- Integrated Speed Control: Enables regulation of the rotation speed for maximum efficiency.

- Environmentally Friendly: An ecological choice for laboratory procedures.

For more extensive information and details on additional accessories, please consult the downloadable data sheet.

Selection Guidance:

Having trouble deciding on the most suitable vacuum pump for your operations? Consider exploring our guide to KNF pumps: 'LABORATORY VACUUM PUMPS' or download the KNF guide: 'DIAPHRAGM PUMP SELECTION FOR EVERY APPLICATION'.

Get an insider look at the Laboport product line from the very specialists who developed it. Presentations comprising an introduction to the new Laboports and SMART KNF control are available with English subtitles for convenience.

Product details
External dimensions mm L x P x A75 x 156 x 119
Power W19
Weight kg1.3
Supply100 – 240 AC; 50/60
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United Kingdom
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