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Heidolph Hei-Torque 400 Precision Overhead Stirrer

LabMakelaar Benelux B.V.
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Description by the supplier

A new overhead stirrer from Heidolph, type Hei-Torque 400 precision, complete with a large stand with movable bottom plate and stirring bar.

Tripod height: 200 cm.

Stirrer length: 65 cm. (wing: 10 cm.)

The overhead stirrer is suitable for stirring up to 100 L. of water.

Mobile stainless steel platform: 63 x 50 cm.

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Maximum stirring quantity (H2O): 15 l Speed: 50 – 2000 rpm Setting accuracy speed: ±1 rpm Deviation  (more)of speed measurement (>300rpm): ±1 % Deviation of speed measurement (<300rpm): ±3 rpm Maximum viscosity: 10000 mPas Maximum torque at stirring shaft: 20 Ncm Nominal torque: 0.2 Nm Deviation of torque measurement: ±3 Ncm Torque measurement: trend Time setting range: 0 – 6000 min Connection for external temperature sensor: PT1000 Temperature measuring range: -10°C – 350°C Temperature measurement resolution: 0.1 K Dimensions (WxHxD): 70 x 193 x 154 mm Weight: 1.56 kg Equipped with: R 1342 4-bladed propeller stirrer Standard stirring element. For drawing the material to be mixed from the top to the bottom. Local shearing forces. Generates axial flow in the vessel. Used at medium to high speeds. Stirrer Ø: 50 mm Shaft Ø: 8 mm Shaft length: 350 mm IKA tripod scale A stand with an integrated scale and data interface. The IKA scale provides increased comfort and safety for your laboratory applications. For example, your stirrer can hang on the stable support rod. The quantities of samples to be added are weighed immediately and continuously documented during the stirring process. Sample weight of up to 6 kg The intelligent tripod scale has a weighing range of up to 6 kg with a resolution of 1 g. It is therefore particularly suitable for the direct and controlled addition of sample material while stirring. Weighing range: 5 – 6000 g Weighing accuracy: ±6 g Plate dimension: 200 x 200 mm Dimensions (WxHxD): 213 x 570 x 391 mm Weight: 5.2 kg

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stirrers, overhead stirrers
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