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LabMakelaar Benelux B.V.
Zevenhuizen - Netherlands
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IKA MS2 Vortex Mixer

LabMakelaar Benelux B.V.€199.00 (ex VAT)
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Description by the supplier

Type of movement: orbital

Shaking stroke: 4.5 mm

Permissible ON time: 100 %

Speed range: 200 – 2500 rpm

Speed display: scale

Operating mode: continuous operation

Touch function: yes

Dimensions (WxHxD): 115 x 80 x 230 mm

Weight: 3.2 kg

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€1,910.00 ex VAT
€2,272.90 incl. VAT if applicable
vortex mixers, mixers
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€22,500.00 ex VAT
€26,775.00 incl. VAT if applicable
general laboratory equipment other
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