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Jointlab srl
Milano - Italy
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Water bath with stirring LAUDA Hydro H 20 SW

Jointlab srl€3,256.00 
(€3,874.64 incl. VAT* )* - if applicable
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Description by the supplier

Versatile Laboratory Water Bath with Broad Temperature Range

LAUDA Hydro series shaking water baths offer precise temperature controls ranging from 25°C to 99.9°C. These dependable pieces of laboratory equipment provide linear or orbital stirring motions, depending on the model. They are ideal instruments for various laboratory applications, including biological, medical, and biochemical research.

With an integrated speed controller, the shaking water baths deliver a load-independent and continuously adjustable stirring movement. Models H 20 SW and H 20 SOW are fitted with a cooling coil as standard, extending the temperature range up to a minimum of +10°C when connected to the domestic water supply or circulating chillers.

Key Features

- LED display controlled digital temperature regulation

- Continuous stirring variability independent of load

- Twin fuses for under/over temperature protection as part of the electronic temperature regulation monitoring

- Stainless steel tank, frame, cover with condensation channel, shaking basket, and heater

- Design incorporating an arched insulating lid to diminish heat loss and bar condensation from dripping onto the samples

Operational Instructions

Each water bath includes a perforated pan allowing flasks and containers to be placed directly on the bottom. The drain valve is strategically placed at the rear.


The control panel incorporates a high-contrast TFT display and is paired with a membrane keyboard with four softkeys, all protected against dirt and water. The user-friendly menu guides optimal utilisation of the water bath.

Application Examples

The LAUDA Hydro series is perfect for:

- Bacteriological tests

- Molecular biology experiments

- Demulsivity studies

- Processing of chemical reactions

- Thawing samples

- Metallurgical analyses

- Incubation of microbiological assays

- Heating reagents

- Environmental studies

- Food Processing (QC)

- Water quality research

- Cytochemistry

Available Accessories

Accessories include a water level regulator, and a heating element situated right beneath the sieve plate for even heat distribution within the tank. The model boasts an intricate electronic temperature regulation mechanism with dual independent operating temperature fuses. Enhanced visual and audible alarms are included for increased sample safety.

Additional Design Components

Design elements like the tilted back control for improved splash protection and operating comfort, sieve plate for easy cleaning, max fill markings to prevent overflows, and the use of superior quality stainless steel materials for the tank interior, lid, sieve and heating element, make this water bath a robust choice for any laboratory setting.

An easy to clean design allows for removal of limescale deposits using commercial descalers. The internal tray is also designed for quick disassembly and cleaning.

Recommended Accessories

Water level regulators are recommended to compensate for water loss within the unit caused by evaporation, maintaining a consistent water level. They also enable operation at temperatures below ambient levels, at a minimum approximate value of 3°C above tap water temperature.

Product details
Temperature °Cfrom 25° to 99.9°C; with cooling system from 10° to 99.9°C
External dimensions mm L x P x A715x520x330
Tank volume l24.4 L max.
Tank volume l9 L min.
Temperature stability+/- 0,1 K
Power W1.5 kW
Bath measures WxDxH (mm)450x300x160
Shaking Motionoscillating
Shaking Frequency10 - 250
Shaking Amplitude mm22
Weight kg30
Supply230 V / 50-60 Hz
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