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Cole Parmer Stuart
Ennevelin - France
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Masterflex peristaltic pump L/S standard digital drives no. 07522-28 with easy load II head 77200-30

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Masterflex peristaltic pump L/S standard digital drives no. 07522-28 with easy load II head 77200-30

Manufacturer : COLE PARMER

Used only a few times for a lab test.

In excellent condition

Accuracy: ±0.1% (0.1 rpm at 600 rpm)

Control Type: Digital, Variable Speed

Flow rate: 0.006 to 3400 ml/min, depending on pump head, tubing size and drive speed

Power (HP): 75

Model: L/S

Dimensions: 22 x 26 x 22cm

Reversible: Yes

Voltage: 90/260V

Weight: 10kg

With :

Masterflex, L/S Easy-Load II pumpheads for precision tubing 77200-30

Flow rate: 0.0012 to 2300 ml/min, depending on tubing size and training regimen

For Use With: L/S 13, L/S 14, L/S 16, L/S 25, L/S 17, L/S 18 Tubing and Masterflex L/S Drive Units with Open Head Sensor

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