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Jointlab srl
Milano - Italy
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Industrial scale Ranger 7000 R71MD15 Ohaus

Jointlab srl€1,315.00 
(€1,564.85 incl. VAT* )* - if applicable
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Description by the supplier

The Ohaus Ranger 7000 is a multifaceted balance engineered to provide trustworthy and precise measurements for an array of weighing applications. It comes equipped with a radiant LCD display and a user-oriented keypad set on a robust stainless steel pan. Its adept overload protection, prompt stabilization time, and automated zero-tracking functionality mark it as the quintessential selection for laboratory and industrial settings.

Positioned at the summit of OHAUS' industrial product series, the Ranger 7000 encapsulates a blend of superior features, poised to meet the toughest operation demands. It leads in resolution, display size, functional applications, connectivity, and also boasts the largest storage memory out of any compact industrial bench scale within the OHAUS range.

Decrease dependence on manual computations with advanced, rapid, and user-friendly applications backed by state-of-the-art software that provides step-by-step guidance, thus aiding in reducing personnel training time.

The high-performance Ranger 7000, backed by legal-for-trade certification, guarantees absolute precision. Its resilient and adaptable industrial design allows for autonomy and usage in rugged situations. It offers a die-cast metal casing with IP54 protection and a hermetically sealed metal indicator.

Consistently reliable weighing applications, including Percent Weighing, Piece Counting, Check Weighing/Counting, Dynamic Weighing, Display Lock, Fill, Formulation, Differential Weighing, and Weighing for Density Calculation, are showcased on the expansive RANGER 7000 display.

Additional models are available.

Applications cater to Weighing, Piece Counting with Auto Optimization, Percent Weighing, Advanced Checkweighing, Dynamic / Animal Weighing, Display Hold, Filling, Formulation, Differential Weighing, and Density Determination.

The Ranger 7000 features a 4.3 '(109 mm) display with WQVGA color graphics resolution and user-controlled brightness. It is powered by an AC adapter (included) or rechargeable battery (available separately).

Communication is simplified with an easy-access communication port that includes a standard USB and RS232 (included) with optional third RS232 or Ethernet port (accessories available separately). It includes a Real-time clock with GLP / GMP data output. Data transfer feature included.

The Ranger 7000's resilient structure includes a modular design, a die-cast metal armor, a detachable stainless steel platform, an incorporated weigh below hook, and a menu lock switch. Construction characteristics include selectable operation and beep settings, multiple selectable languages, selectable environmental and auto print settings, stability indicator, underload / overload indicators, and selectable brightness settings.

Key Highlights:

- Consolidate complex applications and cut back on manual computations with ten sophisticated application modes.

- Regarded the most precise scale within its category with a stabilization time of a single second.

- Unrivaled durability designed for optimum effectiveness in severe industrial environments. Features a metal framework with IP54 protection and an encased metal terminal.

Product details
External dimensions mm L x P x A467x377x128
Control panelColor display
Unit of measureGram; Kilogram; Pound; Ounce; Customized; Pound: Ounce
Position size377x311
Weight kg9,9
SupplyAC power supply (included); Rechargeable battery (not included)
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CLIMATE CHAMBERS KKP SMART PRO POL-EKO KKP - STABILITY AND NO VIBRATION WITH PELTIER TECHNOLOGY The  (more)Peltier technology of the KKP series offers stable, silent and vibration-free climate conditions, maintaining exceptional temperature and humidity variations and fluctuations. They are successfully used in medical, biotechnological, chemical and industrial laboratories. An important application is pharmaceutical stability testing according to ICH Q1A (R2) - (CPMP/ICH/2736/99). They maintain a constant temperature from 0°C to 70°C (max 20°C below room temperature; without humidity) and thanks to a steam humidifier, they regulate humidity from 10% up to 90%. They are equipped with the most advanced POL-EKO control panel: the Smart PRO touchscreen. Large 7' display, WiFi for communication and data transfer, programming, alarms, internal memory for recording and overview of data in graphic form and much more, including standard software for complete management via PC. Continue reading and discover all the other surprising features of these climatic chambers! ABSOLUTE CONTROL The SMART control panel is among the most complete you can find on the market. Large symbols and temperature values ​​guarantee comfortable and clear reading, combined with disarming ease of use. The latest generation touch screen responds to commands even if touched with latex gloves and is equipped with a large display: all values ​​are perfectly readable from any angle, regardless of the intensity of the light. Thanks to SMART PRO you will be able to have possibilities that you didn't have before. Cutting-edge functions and freedom of transfer and remote use, thanks to LabDesk software. You can find all the features of the SMART PRO panel in our dedicated post: insights on SMART and SMART PRO. DO YOU KNOW THE ADVANTAGES OF AN ADVANCED CONTROLLER LIKE THE SMART PRO PANEL? - Sharp 7' color touch screen - LAN, USB and WiFi ports for communication and data transfer - Fast, multi-segment, time and temperature programming - Adjustable ramps - Recording of the minimum, average and maximum temperature value for each segment - Visual and audible alarms with colored bar on display - Internal memory for programs and data storage - Fan speed control 0...100% or 10%...100% (depending on chamber capacity) - User manual downloadable directly from the controller - Loop function up to 255 times or infinite - Temperature sensor failure alarm - Event log with user notifications - Controls can be managed even when wearing latex gloves - Overview of the set and current parameters during operation in tabular and graphical form - Operation in temperature or time priority mode - Ability to create user accounts with assignment of rights and passwords - Memory of 40 user programs - Data log – 10,000 data records for each user, ability to view data on screen in tabular or graphical form - Direct data download via USB port - Event log QUALITY FIRST Resistant. Durable. POL-EKO climatic chambers are designed and built to guarantee the best performance. They are a smart purchase, for customers who want to invest in the future of their laboratory. By choosing these products you will have precise results for years and years, repeatable and in complete comfort. The climatic chambers of the KKP Smart series are builded with the best materials and equipped with the most important accessories, to give you a complete and ready-to-use standard product. - Temperature range without humidity 0…+70°C (max 20°C below room temperature) - Temperature range with humidity +5…+70°C (max 20°C below ambient temperature) - Insulated door with lock - Internal glass door - Interior made of acid-resistant stainless steel according to DIN 1.4301 - Stainless steel grill shelf (INOX) - Overtemperature protection class 3.3 according to DIN 12880 - Quality control protocol (at +25°C and 60%rH) - Automatic defrost function - USB port, LAN (with cable) and - Wi-Fi connection - Lab desk software - External probe insertion hole diam. 30mm to the left - Deionized water tank - Open door alarm KKP SMART PRO SERIES POL-EKO offers 2 models of climatic chamber with Peltier cell: KKP 240 of 245 liters and KKP 750 of 749 litres. Reliable. For peace of mind. The Peltier cell-based cooling system features excellent temperature variation and fluctuation. It improves the temperature recovery time (for example after opening the door) and the humidity inside the chamber is extremely stable. In the images below, the temperature/humidity diagram with the test points displayed according to the ICH Q1 A (R2) guidelines and the recording of temperature and humidity over time. STEAM HUMIDIFIER KKP climatic chambers with steam humidifier do not emit ultrasound and therefore allow the reproduction of insects (e.g. Drosophila melanogaster). Furthermore, thanks to their wide temperature and humidity range they can be used for testing electronic components, plastics or building materials. ENERGY SAVING Thanks to latest generation technology, the KKP series humidifier heats very quickly, using only the water necessary. LOW WATER CONSUMPTION Water consumption is only 90 ml per day for KKP 240 and 290 ml per day for KKP 750 (at 40°C, 75% RH). Water consumption is so low that the tank will only need to be refilled every two months. Furthermore, thanks to a heater in the waste water tank, no maintenance is required and the climatic chamber can be installed anywhere. PELTIER TECHNOLOGY: SIMPLE AND RELIABLE The Peltier cell refrigeration system is a modern technology used in various refrigeration or heating instruments, thanks to its innate versatility. The strengths of Peltier technology are the scalability of the cooling elements, the possibility of operating anywhere, its reliability and precise power control. Furthermore, the Peltier elements work without moving parts and therefore without vibrations or noise. One of the main advantages compared to traditional compressors is that no flammable or environmentally harmful refrigerants are used and in general, the whole system is much simpler, avoiding breakdowns. To find out more, we recommend the Wikipedia page Thermoelectric cooler. In particular, for incubation, Peltier cells bring several advantages: Zero vibration - Through the use of Peltier cells, the vibrations previously generated by the compressor are eliminated. Minimal fluctuation and variation: excellent fluctuation, variation and short time to reach the set temperature. Lighter design with more space: Peltier cooling system reduces the overall size of the instrument and its weight. Ecological: Peltier technology is simple and does not use substances harmful to the environment. Below are simple operating diagrams of the ILP incubators during cooling and heating. DETAILS AND ACCESSORIES Every detail of your POL-EKO models is designed to make routine work as simple and comfortable as possible. Below, the structure and accessories of the KKP models. 1 - touch control panel 2 - USB port 3 - open door sensor 4 - ø30mm access port for external sensor 5 - room fan 6 - door handle with key lock 7 - shelf 8 - internal glass door 9 - main power socket 10 - fan for electronic compartment 11 - LAN 12 - cooling system based on Peltier modules 13 - humidifier module 14 - drying module 15 - demineralised water tank Together with the climatic chamber you will also receive: OPTIONS POL-EKO allows you to increase the possibilities of your climatic chamber with quality accessories; to better adapt to particular applications or to equip the instrument with safety systems and advanced connections. - Door with panoramic window - Perforated shelf - Reinforced shelf - Stainless steel basins - Stainless steel wire shelf - Internal socket - Water level sensor - IQ OQ PQ calibration and qualification - Backup battery for the display in case of power failure - Clean contact - Non-standard 20/60/100 mm access door - Additional 30 mm access door

€11,870.00 ex VAT
€14,125.30 incl. VAT if applicable
general laboratory equipment other
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