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GENEO BioTechProducts GmbH
Hamburg - Germany
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Heidolph Powder Flask 20 Liters

GENEO BioTechProducts GmbH€885.00 (ex VAT)
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Unused demo product. 12 months warranty.

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Microscope trinocular inverted for fluorescence Oxion OX.2453-PLF with stage mechanical PL Fluarex 1 (more)0/20 / 40x - Rail for 4 filter blocks and with carrying case. SPECIFICATIONS EYE Plan eyepieces DIN wide field HWF 10x / 22 mm HEAD Head trinocular, inclined 45 °. Adjusting the interpupillary distance on the tube-holder left eyepiece • The interpupillary distance is adjustable from 54 to 75 mm • Output trinocular upright for photo/video and selector image 100:0% and 80-20%. REVOLVER HOLDER OBJECTIVES Revolver holder objectives quintuple oriented towards the interior. OBJECTIVES • Objective long working distance (LWD) Plan Fluarex with correction to infinite field, of course. Magnification Factor of 10x/0.30. · Objectives long working distance (LWD) Plan Fluarex with correction to infinite phase contrast 20x/0.45 and S40x/0.65. All the optics are coated with anti-fungal and anti-reflective to obtain the maximum performance of the light APPROACH Controls, macro focus and fine on-axis coaxial. Precision 2 μm, a total distance of approximately 24 mm. STAGE Plate 250x230mm with stage mechanical X-y 120 x 78 mm Is supplied with the following accessories: · Metal plate for Ø 35mm for the crop. · Plate for fastening of preparations of 76x26mm. · Glass plate. CAPACITOR A. N. 0.30 iris diaphragm. Working distance 72mm. Supplied with sliding phase rings 4x/10x and 20x/40x pre-centered. ILLUMINATION FOR FLUORESCENCE Supplied with block for 4 positions with the following filters: · Blue: EX465-495 (BP) DM505 (LP) EM515-558 (BP) · Green: EX520-600 (BP), DM600 (LP) EM605-665 (BP) · UV: EX361-381 (BP) DM415 (LP) EM435-495 (BP) LIGHTING Transmitted 5W LED with adjustable intensity and internal transformer for 100-240V power. Fuse 3.15 A / 250V. PACKAGING Supplied with power cable, cover anti-dust and manual of instructions.

€12,140.00 ex VAT
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