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Explorer EX124 Ohaus

Jointlab srl€3,910.00 
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Description by the supplier

The OHAUS Explorer Analytical Balance Series stands as a premier selection in the realm of high-performance balances, offering groundbreaking functionality with a truly innovative design. These balances are both intelligent and intuitive, simplifying even the most complicated laboratory measurements with a host of pioneering features.


The OHAUS Explorer excels in a wide array of applications, including Weighing, Parts Counting, Percent Weighing, Checkweighing, Animal/Dynamic Weighing, Filling, Totalization/Statistics, Formulation, Differential Weighing, Density Determination, Peak Hold, Ingredient Costing, Pipette Adjustment, and SQC.


Remarkable clarity is offered on the 5.7" (145 mm) Full-color VGA graphic touchscreen display that features adjustable brightness for optimal visibility.


The equipment operates with an AC adapter, furnished with the unit.


Outfitted for seamless connectivity, the unit comes equipped with RS232 and USB ports. An additional RS232/Ethernet port can be added at an extra charge. The device delivers GLP/GMP data output complete with a real-time clock.

Structural Design:

Engineered with a robust metal base and ABS top housing, the balance features a stainless steel pan and a glass draftshield with conveniently placed top-mounted side doors and a flip/sliding top door. An up-front level indicator, weigh below hook, security bracket, calibration lock, 4 touchless sensors, and an in-use cover all contribute to the balance's superior functionality.

Additional Features:

The balance boasts selectable environmental filters, user-customizable span calibration points, software lockout and reset menu, user-controlled communication settings and data print options, project and user ID creation, and auto standby function. In total, this model offers up to 14 different operating languages.

Technical Specifications:

The unit features an Automatic Internal Calibration - AutoCal™, and includes both a screen and in-use lid. Its linear performance is rated at ±0.0002g, with a typical minimum weight in accordance to USP of 0.16g. It presents an expected repeatability of 0.0001 g, a stabilization time of just 2 seconds, and offers a full tare range.

Product details
External dimensions mm L x P x A350 x 393 x 230 mm
Control panelColor display touchscreen
Unit of measureBaht; Carat; Customizable; Wheat; Gram; Hong Kong Tael; Kilogram; Mesghal; Milligram; Momme; Newton; Ounce; Troy ounce; Pennyweight; Pound; Singapore Tael; Taiwan Tael; Tical; Tola
Position size90
Weight kg6,9
SupplyAC adapter (included)
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€2,098.00 ex VAT
general laboratory equipment other
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