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Jointlab srl
Milano - Italy
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Jointlab srl€3,324.00 
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Introducing the Combistorage 4 - a ChemiSafe Certified Safety Cabinet, meticulously crafted from 1 - 1.5 mm thick electrogalvanized steel sheet and cold bent for exceptional quality. The exterior finish, painted a neutral Gray RAL7035, boasts a robust acid-proof epoxy resin coating and is treated in a 200 °C thermal tunnel for enhanced durability. This cabinet is notably engineered for ventilation, ensuring optimum air flow.

Additional features include an efficient grounding system and adjustable leveling feet for stability. The cabinet also holds ISO 3864 pictogram signs and is certified fire-resistant for up to 90 minutes. It is in strict alignment with EN14470-1, EN61010, and EN16121 standards, confirming its impeccable safety credentials.

The TYPE 90 COMPARTMENT FOR FLAMMABLE PRODUCTS exhibits superior insulation, augmented by high density rock wool and calcium sulphate panels. The internal finish incorporates highly chemically-resistant melamine panels designed to withstand aggressive vapours. The facility allows for swift parts replacement, if required, and the doors close automatically if the ambient temperature crosses 50 °C. Ensuring maximum safety and efficiency, the compartment equips thermo-expanding insulating gaskets, certified fire dampers, an anti-spark hinge, a lock and key system and a retention tray with a painted steel grid.

The ACIDS/BASES COMPARTMENT is constructed with two or three compartments, and offers options of glass doors or smooth painted doors. Further reinforcing its durability is its galvanized steel body.

The ACID COMPARTMENT mirrors the general features of the safety cabinet, bolstered by electrogalvanized steel sheeting, acid-resistant epoxy resin, a smart ventilation design, grounding system, adjustable leveling feet, ISO 3864 pictograms, 90-minute fire resistance, and certification according to relevant standards.

The BASE COMPARTMENT offers two adjustable-height stainless steel retention shelves, door opening at an angle greater than 110°, a lock and key system and compliance with EN 61010-1 and CEI 66-5 standards. It accommodates 40 bottles of 1L each (20L per shelf).

The TOXIC SUBSTANCES COMPARTMENT similarly has two adjustable painted steel retention shelves, door opening greater than 110°, lock and key system, and compliance to the outlined standards. It holds 40 bottles of 1L each or 20L per shelf.

Supplementary inclusions comprise plasticized steel shelves for acids; stainless steel shelves for bases; painted steel shelves for toxic substances; and three shelves and a retention tank with a painted steel grid for flammables.

Optionally available features for further customization include additional shelves, trays, timers, visual and audio alarm systems, ventilation systems, molecular aspirators, and activated carbon filters.

Product details
External dimensions mm L x P x A1200x600x1950
Internal dimensions mm L x P x AFlammable: 496x446x1540; Acids/Bases/Toxic substances: 3 x 590x500x880
Internal capacity40+40+40 (Acids/Bases/ Toxic substances) 120 (Flammable)
SeriesFlammables and chemicals - COMBISTORAGE
Weight kg313/315
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Jointlab.com is a website of professionals for scientific instrumentation. With us you will have answers that others will not give you. From magnetic stirrers to laboratory pumps. From electronic scales to safety cabinets: the whole world of the laboratory in jointlab.com!

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