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Agilent HP 5183-0314 ALS Syringe 50 µL fixed needle 23-26s/42/cone PTFE Plunger
Potsdam - Germany
(€107.10 incl. VAT*)*if applicable
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Agilent HP 5183-0314 ALS Syringe 50 µL fixed needle 23-26s/42/cone PTFE Plunger

(€107.10 incl. VAT* )* - if applicable
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The offered instrument / system is fully functional tested and ready to use. FURTHER DETAILS TO FOLLOW


At Profcontrol GmbH we offer reasonably priced lab & research equipment. All devices you find on profcontrol.de are in stock and can be delivered any time. Every product and system is tested and overhauled before being offered in our online shop.

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€10,500.00 ex VAT
€12,495.00 incl. VAT if applicable
general laboratory equipment other
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€349.00 ex VAT
general laboratory equipment other
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