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Plasma freezer F131 by B-Medical-Systems

Jointlab srl€2,423.00 
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Description by the supplier

F Series - B Medical Systems

Our F Series Plasma Freezers are equipped with integrated multi-function electronics from B Medical Systems, featuring various alarms, battery backup, as well as other regulatory features. This system is also compatible with the °B Connected solution, which allows for remote monitoring and data logging.

Manufactured with a one-piece printed polypropylene frame that is immune to corrosion, we offer a lifetime guarantee for this unit.

B Medical Systems upholds the highest standards of safety, defining unique technical specifications to ensure the safe storage of preparations and to establish strong safety measures for the user.

This instrument is in full compliance with national and international standards and regulations for Medical Devices, delivering reliability, efficiency, and safety at a competitively optimal price point.

Plasma Freezer F131

- Storage Capacity (for 350 ml plasma bags): 84

- Cold/Hot temperature alarm limits: -37°C to -27°C

- Compliant with DIN 58375 - AABB Standards. Medical Device as per MDR (EU) 2017/745, Class IIa

- Multi-function electronics with 0.1°C display

- Guaranteed lifelong anti-corrosion structure

Control Panel

- Multi-function electronic controls

- Audiovisual alarm systems with remote transmission for unexpected temperature variations and power cuts

- °B Software compatibility for remote logging, monitoring, and long-term archival

- Electronic temperature recorder

- USB Port for data export

- Data backup battery


- Thick polypropylene insulation, 100% recyclable, offers excellent thermal insulation and prevents corrosion

- Minimized loss of cold air

- Ecologically friendly R290 refrigerant

- Minimal ecological footprint

- Corrosion resistant structure with a lifetime guarantee

- High-quality polypropylene construction through rotational molding for enhanced insulation and strength

- Maintenance-friendly with no sharp edges

- Ergonomic design ensures safe use

Standard equipment and accessories

- 2 keys for door access

- Electronics secured with a lock and key

- The fan automatically shuts down when the door is open to prevent cold air loss

- Backup battery with roughly 48-hour life span

- Acoustic alarms for high and low temperature exceedances or general alarms

- Remote alarm

- Open door alarm

- A sensor input port

- One standard drawer + two adjustable shelves

All our products dedicated to blood and derivative storage fully comply with:

- European Medical Device Regulation: MDR (EU) 2017/745, Class IIa (models: 220-240 V - 50/60 Hz & 230 V - 50 Hz)

- EMC directive: 2014 / 30 / EU (models: 220-240 V - 50/60 Hz & 230 V - 50 Hz)

- Low voltage directive: 2014 / 35 / EU (models: 220-240 V - 50/60 Hz & 230 V - 50 Hz)

- FDA regulation- Medical Device: 21CFR Part 864.9700, Class II (models: 115-127 V - 60 Hz & 220 V - 60 Hz)

- cCSAus certificate: Yes (models: 115-127 V - 60 Hz & 220 V - 60 Hz)

- GMP - Clean room classification: Class ISO 6/EC GMP B

Product details
Temperature °C-32
External dimensions mm L x P x A595 x 695 X 830
Internal dimensions mm L x P x A475 x 470 X 630
Control panelDigital display
Internal capacity121 / 106 liters Gross/Net
Shelves and drawers2 drawers with front cover; 1 bottom drawer
Power W300W
Climate classSN from +10°C to +32°C
Net internal capacity106
Various2 movement wheels
Absorption2.8 (kWh/24h)
Weight kg60
Supply220-240V / 50 Hz
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€3,570.00 incl. VAT if applicable
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Manufacturer: Binder Model: UF V500 Ultra Low Freezer (-40..-90°C) P/N: 9020-0347 Description: The  (more)BINDER ultra low temperature freezer ensures the safe storage of samples at -90 °C. It combines outstanding environmental friendliness with low energy consumption, convenient operation and an individual safety concept. Benefits - Lowest energy consumption in its class- Environmentally friendly refrigerant- Multi-level safety concept Important characteristics - Range of temperature controller: -90 °C to -40 °C- Lowest energy consumption in its class- Powerful cascade compressor cooling unit- Environmentally friendly refrigerants R-290 and R-170- Efficient thermal insulation with vacuum insulation panels- Innovative door gasket concept reduces buildup of ice- Ergonomic door handle- Rust-proof interior made completely of stainless steel- Detachable inner doors made of stainless steel- 3 stainless-steel shelves providing flexible placement- Water cooling (depending on version)- Zero-voltage alarm contact for in-house alarm system- Ethernet interface- Elapsed time indicato- 2 access ports, Ø 28 mm, rear Specifications:Performance Data Temperature Cooling down time from 22 °C to -80 °C: 360 minTemperature fluctuation at -80 °C: 1.5°CTemperature range: -90…-40Temperature variation at -80 °C: 2.5 °CWarm-up time during power failure from -80 °C / -122 °F to -60 °C / -76 °F: 230 minElectrical data Nominal power: 1.6 kWPhase (Nominal voltage): 1~Power frequency: 50 Hz Rated Voltage: 230 VUnit fuse: 10 AUnit doors: 1 Housing dimensions not incl. fittings and connections Exterior dimensions: (WxHxD) 938 x 1966 x 826 mm Interior dimensions: (WxHxD) 605 x 1300 x 606 mm  Interior volume: 477LNet weight of the unit (empty): 247kgPermitted load: 200kgPermitted load of individual compartment: 50kgWall clearance back: 100 mmWall clearance sidewise: 250 mmEnvironment-specific data Energy consumption at set-point -80 °C and ambient temperature = 21 °C: 7.9kWh/dSound-pressure level: 47dB(A) Number of shelves (std./max.): 3 / 13Load-variants Cryoboxes, 50 mm: 352Freezer racks per compartment: 4 Itemds delivered: - Binder UF V500 Ultra Low Freezer  - Instruction Manual The Binder UF V500 Freezer is new and has never been used in lab environment.Ready for it's first duty.

€6,500.00 ex VAT
€7,735.00 incl. VAT if applicable
freezers, heating & cooling
Plasma freezer F701 by B-Medical-Systems-cover
Plasma freezer F701 by B-Medical-Systems

'F' Series - B Medical Systems The 'F' PREMIUM series plasma freezers are instruments of the highest (more) quality and with state-of-the-art functionality. The safety standards developed by B Medical Systems define unique technical characteristics, guaranteeing the safe storage of preparations and establishing the highest safety standards for the user. ACCURATE TEMPERATURE AND GUARDED 24 HOURS - Controlled air cooling system for uniform and stable temperature distribution - Automatic defrost with stable temperature maintenance - Rapid recovery of the temperature even after numerous door openings - Safety thermostat to prevent freezing - Long autonomy in case of power failure - Acoustic and visual alarms with remote notification via SMS or email - °B Connected universal software for remote archive, report (FDA 21 CFR Part 1 compliant EFFICIENCY - US SNAP and F-GAS compliant high efficiency natural gas - High performance and low consumption compressor - Polypropylene chassis with one-piece print guaranteed for life against corrosion and fully recyclable CONVENIENCE - Easy access to parameters via 7' touch-screen - Card reader for reserved entrance or with password - Data export via USB or card reader - Anti-bacterial coating for the best cleaning - Low noise - Low heat emission - Modular internal equipment - Easy access to internal drawers-trays - Highest quality stainless steel - Set Point -41°C F701 plasma freezer - Storage capacity (350ml plasma bags): 575 - Cold/hot temperature alarm limit: -46°C / -32°C - Medical Device according to MDR (EU) 2017/745, Class IIa - Multifunction electronics with 0.1°C touchscreen display and monitoring software - Wide range of functions and accessories MULTIFUNCTION ELECTRONICS FOR MAXIMUM RELIABILITY - Multi-function electronics - Audiovisual alarm system with remote transmission in case of unexpected temperature changes and power failure - Compatible with universal connected '°B Software' for remote monitoring, logging and long-term archiving - Electronic temperature recorder - USB port for easy export of logged data - Data backup battery OPTIMIZED DESIGN FOR ENERGY EFFICIENCY - Thick polypropylene insulation, without corrosion and with perfect thermal insulation, 100% recyclable - Minimized cold air loss - Ecological refrigerant R290 - Ecological footprint reduced to a minimum STRUCTURE IMPROVED AND BUILT FOR EVERLASTING DURABILITY - Corrosion resistant structure guaranteed for life - Built by rotational molding, in high quality polypropylene for better insulation and robustness - No sharp edges for easier maintenance and cleaning - Ergonomic design for safe use at all times The whole line dedicated to the preservation of blood and derivatives: According to: - European Medical Device Regulation: MDR (EU) 2017/745, Class IIa(models: 220-240 V - 50/60 Hz & 230 V - 50 Hz) - EMC directive: 2014 / 30 / EU(models: 220-240 V - 50/60 Hz & 230 V - 50 Hz) - Low voltage directive: 2014 / 35 / EU(models: 220-240 V - 50/60 Hz & 230 V - 50 Hz) - FDA regulation-Medical Device: 21CFR Part 864.9700, Class II(models: 115-127 V - 60 Hz & 220 V - 60 Hz) - cCSAus certificate: Yes (models: 115-127 V - 60 Hz & 220 V - 60 Hz) - GMP - Clean room classification: Class ISO 6 / EC GMP B Class ISO 5 / EC GMP A

€9,213.00 ex VAT
€10,963.47 incl. VAT if applicable
heating & cooling, freezers
Fridge-freezer for pharmacy PF260 B-Medical-Systems-cover
Fridge-freezer for pharmacy PF260 B-Medical-Systems

PRECISION LABORATORY REFRIGERATOR manufactured by B Medical System PRECISION REFRIGERATOR FOR PHARMA (more)CIES (glass door) produced by B Medical System SECURITY AND PEACE OF MIND - Forced air cooling system for uniform and stable temperature distribution - Rapid recovery of the temperature even in case of frequent openings of the door - Safety thermostat that prevents the internal temperature from going below zero - Extended autonomy in the event of a power failure - Audiovisual alarm system with remote transmission via SMS or email - Optional °B Connected universal software for remote monitoring, reporting (in compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11) and archiving long term in combination with a data communication unit CONSTRUCTION AND TECHNOLOGY TO INCREASE THE EFFICIENCY OF THE REFRIGERATOR - Natural refrigerant with high cooling efficiency compliant with US SNAP and EU F-Gas regulations - Polypropylene structure injected with polyurethane foam that provides strong thermal insulation - 4-layer PMMA organic glass door offering maximum insulation, combined with weight reduction to reduce door closing efforts - Automatic internal LED lighting for lower energy consumption - Monobloc structure made with the exclusive rotational molding technique COMFORT OF USE AND DURABILITY - Smooth cleanable surfaces - Silent device - Low heat emission - Modular internal equipment - Easy data export to USB - Electronics with easily accessible temperature display - Heated gasket to minimize condensation - Corrosion resistant construction with lifetime warranty The B Medical Systems multifunction electronics of the "Precision line" series offers a complete alarm system, set point safety, battery backup, and many other control functions; compatible with the °B Connected solution for monitoring and data logging. Equipped with USB port and supplied with two keys. The main differences between the Precision line and Premium line series, in addition to the control panel, are the handle, ergonomic and patented by B Medical Systems for the premium line and the shape of the interior. Download the technical data sheet in Italian or in English for all the details.

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€5,228.00 ex VAT
€6,221.32 incl. VAT if applicable
general laboratory equipment other
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