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Two-door cabinet for LITHIUMSAFE lithium batteries with QUARANTINE CHEMISAFE system

Jointlab srl€2,880.00 
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Compliant with: EN 14470-1 EN 16121 Standards

With its superior class of Italian construction, the LITHIUMSAFE range of safety cabinets encapsulates cutting-edge advancements for the secure storage of lithium batteries. In alignment with contemporary standards, these cabinets further incorporate multiple accessories extending safety margins.


- Entirely constructed from electro-galvanized steel sheet. The removable outer structure crafted by cold press techniques, presents thickness variants of 1/1.5/2 millimeters. Further protected with anti-acid epoxy powders and processed in a 200°C thermal tunnel.

- Specially fabricated insulation to withstand high temperatures (800°C) using high density 300 Kg/m3 calcium silicate and mineral fiber panels (excludes Fibroceramic) affixed with ceramic adhesives.

- Durable fireproof melamine laminate panels positioned to resist even aggressive vapours.

- Certified compliance to EN 14470-1 and EN 16121 standards past rigorous testing.


- Automatic door closing feature is activated should temperatures exceed 47°C.

- Fitted lock and key door security.

- Certified automatic temperature responsive closing system (70/100 °C) for air inlet and outlet ducts, requiring zero maintenance, positioned at the cabinet rear.

- Ejection aperture with 100mm diameter located at the cabinet back.

- Anti-spark hinge designed from natural iron with a brass plug.

- Single perforated base shelf.

- 3 cm thermo expanding gasket in compliance with DIN 4102 standard.

- 'Earth' Clamp equipped to eliminate electrostatic charges.


A patented, effective mechanism, the CHEMISAFE Quarantine system is designed to ensure safety during internal fire incidents within the cabinet. As the shelves overturn in response to fire, batteries are guided into a bottom-positioned water tank, ensuring rapid fire extinction and eliminating the potential risk of self-ignition.

Added features of this advanced cabinet include a water pump and algaecide. The QUARANTINE model features 3 shelves as opposed to the standard 4 shelves in the base model. A demonstration video for the Quarantine system is also available.

Product details
External dimensions mm L x P x A1200x600x1950
Shelves and drawers3 perforated shelves
SeriesLithium batteries - LITHIUMSAFE
Weight kg390
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Two-door cabinet for LITHIUMSAFE lithium batteries with QUARANTINE CHEMISAFE system-cover
Two-door cabinet for LITHIUMSAFE lithium batteries with QUARANTINE CHEMISAFE system

LITHIUMSAFE SAFETY CABINETS Certifications: EN 14470-1 EN 16121 The line of LITHIUMSAFE safety cabin (more)ets consists of innovative high quality products, built in Italy and specifically built for the safe storage of lithium batteries. These cabinets are designed according to current standards and can be equipped with numerous accessories for further levels of safety. CONSTRUCTION - Completely built in electro-galvanized steel sheet, cold pressed with removable external structure; thicknesses of 1/1.5/2 millimeters and painting with anti-acid epoxy powders and passage in a thermal tunnel at 200°C. - Special insulation for high temperatures (800°C) with high density 300 Kg/m3 calcium silicate and mineral fiber panels (Fibroceramic free) fixed with ceramic adhesives. - Fireproof melamine laminate panels with high resistance to even aggressive vapours. Certification according to EN 14470-1 and EN 16121 standards. CARATTERISTICHE - AUTOMATIC CLOSING of the door in the event of temperatures exceeding 47°C - LOCK AND LOCK OF THE DOORS WITH KEY - Certified automatic closing SYSTEM (70/100 °C) of the air inlet and outlet ducts, maintenance-free, placed on the back of the cabinet. - Ejection HOLE diam. 100mm. at the back of the wardrobe - Anti-spark hinge in natural iron with brass plug. - 1 shelf perforated at the base - 3 cm thermo expanding GASKET. (DIN 4102) - 'Earth' CLAMP to prevent electrostatic charges CHEMISAFE QUARANTINE SYSTEM Thanks to this patented system, in the event of a fire inside the safety cabinet, an automatic response will be activated to overturn the shelves, thus allowing the batteries to fall into a water tank located at the bottom. By immersion, the fire will be promptly extinguished and the potential risk of self-ignition will be effectively neutralised. Simple and very effective system! The cabinet is equipped with a water pump and algaecide. The QUARANTINE versions have only 3 shelves instead of the basic 4. Demonstration video of the QUARANTINE system.

€2,880.00 ex VAT
€3,427.20 incl. VAT if applicable
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